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Compass face is black, rendering bearings unreadable
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The compass face in both the map and ingame is black, which makes it impossible to read the bearings.


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Open the compass in either the map or ingame

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I cannot reproduce the problem. Would it be possible to upload screenshots of your Video settings? Also, are you running any mods?

Thank you.

Hi Iceman...

There are screenshots of this problem attached to this issue.


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I agree. The black compass face has little contrast with the black number bearings, making it difficult to read.

The compass before the update had a white compass face with black number bearings. This made the old compass was alot easier to read because there was a lot of colour contrast between the numbers and the compass face.

New Arma 3 Compass:

Old Arma 3 Compass:

JSharpe added a subscriber: JSharpe.May 7 2016, 6:51 PM

Getting the same issue. Just loaded up the editor and placed a player in, opened the compass and the face is near black.

First screenshot is directly below the sunlight. The second is in the players shadow.

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I can confirm that aswell, had this occur in the evening.

Also getting the same render issue when looking at the compass from the map interface.

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I have this same issue, screenshots for reference below. graphics settings are standard auto-detect ultra for i7 4770k gtx780 gpu.

The issue occurs even without any mods.

it happened with the last patch you released

Why does this bug needs more info? Come on, guys. Just play a game and open the compass. Try read the bearings.

Reproducible every time, i don't know why you guys need more info.

should be fixed in next Stable update.

Did anybody find a fix for this? Im also having an issue with my on map compass where if i double click and it zooms in to make it easier to read but i cant figure out how to minimize it. Anybody?

lvialpando it's fixed in the development branch:

Just have to wait for it to be released in the stable update.

What about when you double click your compass. it enlarges on the map. how do you minimize it?

Double click it again to set it to the small size. You can also just move it out of view by left click + hold, then move the mouse around; releasing the left click to set the position.

Thats wierd when i double click it nothing happens

Works fine in the development branch. Maybe make a new ticket for it.

I'm having the same issue. No need for screenshots as the problem is the same.

The issue happens even without running any mods.

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