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B_supplyCrate_F is no longer interacting with various scripts/missions
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IgiLoad no longer works with this crate
BTC logistics no longer works with this crate.
RAV Lifter no longer works with this crate
Patrol Ops 3.01 no longer work properly with this crate.


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Use any script that allows custom interactions with materiel crates. BTC no longer has select/place/drag/load options for this crate. IgiLoad no longer has options for loading/unloading this crate. Patrol Ops 3.1 no longer allows the player to drag this crate. RAV Lifter no longer as options to lift this crate.

Reproduceable ever time all the time... where it used to work fine.

Additional Information

Worked just fine last time I was dabbling in ArmA 3. All old missions that I know had working fucntionality are now broke. have found at least one other post stating same issue (

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This is something with B_supplyCrate_F and nearestObjects. B_supplyCrate_F is not visible for nearestObjects.

It can be or not boundingCenter = [-0.00921002,-0.00295222,12.1003]. Z now is 12 and was 0. boundingBox and boundingBoxReal was not correct, but boundingCenter was at ground level. I do not have idea how to fix IgiLoad now.

Pleas fix boundingBox, boundingBoxReal and restore previous boundingCenter or make it in REAL boundingBoxReal.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.