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enableSimulationGlobal and JIP not working correctly after 1.22
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When an object has enableSimulationGlobal false and you JIP, you cannot get a cursorTarget on the vehicle.

Toggle enableSimulationGlobal true/false while still connected and cursorTarget will be that of the vehicle, reconnect again and you simply get <NULL-object>.


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EPOCH = createVehicle ["B_Truck_01_box_F", position player, [], 0, "NONE"];
publicVariableServer "EPOCH";

Execute server side:
EPOCH enableSimulationGlobal false;

Look at vehicle to confirm you still have a cursorTarget = 64f1d600# 1780194: truck_01_box_f.p3d REMOTE

Simply reconnect and try to get the cursorTarget = <NULL-object>

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This also is an issue with buildings and units that you enableSimulationGlobal false on.

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This seems to be the case for enableSimulation, not just when "Global". For example if you create an NPC in the mission and in it's init have "this enableSimulation false" it will have the same affect.

How has this not yet been addressed? It's EXTREMELY critical!

Looking at the target and pressing T (target/lock mode) will make cursorTarget work properly on that object again.

How has this not been assigned? 25 votes, so much time, and nothing? This is a horrible issue.

This desperately needs to be fixed

32 votes and no response yet. Ever get the feeling you're being ignored?

Bohemia, this is causing LOADS of issues. Please correct it!

1.29 dev confirmed

cursorTarget is <NULL-object> yet one can access truck's inventory and get in driver seat but cannot drive

also cannot get out of the truck after that and local cursortarget is false, so the truck belongs to server

Well found some kind of workaround


_truck addEventHandler ["GetIn", {_this select 0 enableSimulationGlobal true}];
_truck enableSimulationGlobal false;

this will unfreeze the truck the moment someone gets in

This is interesting

while cursortarget on the truck is <NULL-object>, you can check its locality

local cursortarget

and isNull cursortarget is false!

more so, you cannot add action to cursortarget, but truck IS listed in vehicles and you can add action to truck there and it will show up on frozen truck.