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Defense module error
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After set-up, in preview, the error "No curator synced to 'defend' mission module" is produced even though a curator game logic is synced The module does not fire. {F24087}


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a player unit.
Place a defense module
Place a sector module and sync to the defense module.
Place an area game logic.
place a trigger set to any size.
Sync trigger to area game logic.
Sync Area game logic to sector module
Place two side game logics
Sync side logics to the defense module
Place a curator game logic
Sync Curator game logic to the attacking teams' game logic
Place an invisible helipad
Sync invisible helipad to defending teams' game logic.
Place an pilot (defending side) unit.
Sync pilot unit to defending sides' logic.
Place a trigger set to switch type and sync to attacking sides' game logic.
Set-up Curator system:

   Place rifleman, ifrit, speed boat, BTR, mi-48 (veh. are empty). 
   Sync each object to a separate unlock module.
   Sync each unlock module to a separate trigger (for tiers).
   In the condition field of each of the triggers put "bis_fnc_moduleMPTypeDefense_tier > X" (X= 0 through 4).
   Place a show/hide module.
   Sync the show/hide module to each of the placed units.
   Place a rifleman unit. Set it's init to: enableSimulation false, hideObject true and removeAllWeapons. Name the unit "bis_curator".
   Sync each of the unlock modules to the unit named "bis_curator"

Create a file called initCurator.sqf to set the curator costs. Add: #include "initCurator.sqf"; and [player,["A3_Modules_F_Intel"]] call bis_fnc_curatoraddplaceableaddons; to the init.sqf
Preview mission.

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Look at that Ticket:
I found why its not working.
We have to wait until they fix the BIS_fnc_isCurator function

Any chance this will be addressed in the next update?

rizon02 added a subscriber: rizon02.May 7 2016, 6:46 PM

Still broken

Etgo added a subscriber: Etgo.May 7 2016, 6:46 PM
Etgo added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 5:07 AM

Can you please fix this?

yes a fixing is needed because they were funny modalities to play and the are broken since almost 1 year as of now

It is the description/in-game help which is broken.

It works by synchronizing the Curator game-logic (F7>Zeus>Game Master) to the attacking side. You can unpbo missions_f_curator.pbo in ARMA3\curator\addons to see how it's done.

Also the Defense module needs to be named "BIS_mission" and the triggers for the attacking side must be synced directly to the side logic, no Area logic in between.

Etgo added a comment.Feb 4 2015, 4:13 PM

When defend module was released, the module worked without zeus. So it was only player vs ai, not player vs zeus.
And i think that it worked very well.

Completely agree with Etgo

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.May 7 2016, 6:46 PM

How such a ticket can remain "NEW" for more than one year? Amazing!

@PiepMGI - its beacuse they are not focused on basic, they are focused on new features (pretty useless) like car customization.... and off course Tanoa (before it will come out, i'll play 20 more maps from armahollic. Its pretty sad they work this way - they will never finish the game this way. So big potential, so much waste....

Oct 2015 - this issue is still broken.

Nutlink added a subscriber: Nutlink.May 7 2016, 6:46 PM

This also affects the Seize module.

Rick0Shay added a subscriber: Rick0Shay.EditedJul 9 2016, 10:35 PM

Two years - and still waiting! Fix one thing - break another - not to mention the hundreds of pi$$#ed off users who've wasted countless hours trying to find a work around. No explanation no apology - just mass closing of tickets! Not good BIS!