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Add the possibility to prevent those "purchase DLC" hints from popping up - Immersion
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With the new DLC policy players will receive "purchase DLC" hints popping up when playing a mission that contains non-purchased DLC assets.

This is a huge immersion killer, it would be great to have the possibility (script or description.ext command) to prevent those messages from popping up.


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Karts DLC
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Play a mission using DLC content without having purchased the DLC.

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Most mission makers are going through hoops when trying to achieve believable/authentic missions, having these "purchase DLC" messages throughout a mission breaks the immersion as they are impossible to be avoided.
It's impossible to see if people have purchased any mission relevant DLC so a command (script or description.ext command)to prevent these messages from popping up would be essential for missions that try to achieve an authentic/believable background.

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"immersion"? you're driving a gocart for fuck's sake... If you *really really* wanted those messages to go away, you would just buy the DLC. It's $1.99...

It's not about me in particular, it's about anyone who is playing the mission. If you're using DLC assets in a mission and the player who is playing the mission doesn't own that particular DLC asset he will see the "purchase DLC" popups all the time.
It's also not about the cart DLC but about all DLCs to come.
Should have been more clear in the description.

tyl3r99 added a subscriber: tyl3r99.May 7 2016, 6:41 PM

well if those messages didn't exist they may as well just give all their expansions for free.

the bundle is going for like £16 hardly going to make you cry at night if you click that little buy button ;)

Are they just like the tips popups (that you press H to dismiss), or are they different? I bought the DLC immediately to support BI, so I don't know what the popups look like, to be perfectly honest.

Yeah same here, it's also for charity so I bought the bundle straight away

Lets see when 1.99 for addons :)
I dont like this FUll Screen Splash its not nice i think for such a cheap addon that a lot of people cannot add money to steam to purchase its not so good idea , hopefully BIS will Make a paperCar "lite" and "roflcopter" lite for future DLC and those who cannot put money to steam and now Join there friends who have it because of Full Screen splash and other such annoyance comes when you dont have it :(.

You're kidding me, right? Is this really an issue to ask for free DLC?

The whole point of the messages is to allow you to access the DLC for free with a drawback, so as to not divide the player base.

How did you buy ARMA if you are unable to buy the DLC? If you can't add funds to steam, buy it through the BI Store.