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Exclude.lst not working as predicted
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When Binarising the exclude.lst is ignoring instruction to ignore Source
currently default lst in relation are :

In previous itterations it wouldnt even take these folders anc contents to Temp , however now it is doing so and erroroing on the contents in the ArmaAddonmaker. LOg


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Pack file with Source folder included in the file structure and Addonmaker will include as part of the Build the contents into the PBO despite Source being in the exclude.lst

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Is this about AddonBuilder, FileBank or FileBankGUI?

It is in relation to packing through AddonBuilder GUI

Yep, AddonBuilder uses FileBank in order to make the PBOs.
As for my question, I'm just asking with which application do you have this issue because it's not clear in your report. I think it's with FileBankGUI but I'm not sure ;)

hmm sorry you lose me now.
"It is in relation to packing through AddonBuilder GUI"

If you saying the exclude.lst is not activated Via AddonBuilder then i uNderstand but im not sure what FileBank GUI is sorry i have never used filebank direct or command line its only access through AddonBuilder for me.

please try as described and Source Folder is in PBO , it shouldnt be nor Files inside it as its designated for Ignore in the exclude.lst and thats how it always worked.

My bad, sorry, I was confused because I found the same issue with FileBankGUI, and I don't why but when you wrote "it is", I read "Is it"… Maybe I need more coffee ^^

Fix doesnt work , itt still takes the folder and any Copy-Direct type file contained within I.E Layers.cfg

Resolved in 1.22 according to TECHREP # 00011.

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