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Hitting ground in parachute while holding 'W' causes massive explosion
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Parachuting into the ground with a hard landing causes an explosion that looks like a mortar strike.


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Steps To Reproduce

_pos = getPos player;
_pos set [2,1000];
_player setPos _pos;
waitUntil {((getPosATL _player) select 2) < 100};
[_player] call BIS_fnc_halo;

Before hitting the ground, hold the forward movement key 'w' to drop quickly as you hit the ground. A massive explosion will occur. If you hit a building it will collapse the building. Very funny, but not what should be happening. It was reproduced on a multiplayer server.

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thank you for uploading the ticket. I was not able to reproduce the problem, no exploding parachutes for me. Are you using any mods? Also, would it be possible to upload a simple repro mission?

Thank you!

This is a CBA problem and will be fixed in the next CBA update.

Ok, thanks for the heads up, kju.

The likely reason you're exploding upon impact, as I do sometimes as I also have CBA enabled, is you're touching the ground too fast while parachuting. (So basically you're character would be dead anyways, as you were not slow enough before touching ground.)

You need to pull back or slow your ground approach while parachuting by pressing the 's' (or 'x') key as needed.

The likely rational for what is happening when the explosion occurs, the collision or impact with ground is being confused (by the CBA mod) for a vehicle impact with the ground. Could have yourself a little fun with this glitch, by landing on some enemy vehicles, etc. ;-)

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