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Jets Canopy markings
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In Arma 2 the harrier had some really good markings on the topside of the canopy. As someone who plays with headtracking i currently find it easy to get a little disoriented when flying the 'wipeout' and looking in upward angles for example.

I think it would be nice to have some sort of markings on the top of the canopy to easier keep track of how the plane is oriented without having to look forward to re-assess your orientation.


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Those "markings" are explosive cords that would shatter the canopy before ejection. The Harrier need this since the pilot might have to eject while in a hover where no wind resistence can help the canopy get out of the way before the pilot is ejected.

The A-10, or A-164 does not need these explosive cords, so adding them would feel unrealistic.

Not down-voting, just stating some facts.

Okay, I did not know that.

I'd still like to have some sort of markings to help counter the staring-into-the-void feeling which in itself is a result of "unrealism" when it comes to peripheral vision which in itself is completely understandable because it's a game, not reality.

It wouldn't subtract anything from the experience unless you have some kind of OCD I'd think.

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Yeah kinda!

But I mean it doesn't have to be one of those specifically, anything will do really. Could be a picture of a potato for all I care as long as it's functional :)

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inb4 potato canopy DLC for 0,49 bucks :D