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losing rating when destroying ennemies inside a friendly vehicle
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Rating penality is based on vehicle class side, not on driver/commander side.
In other word, if ennemy steal a vehicle, they attack you but you become renegat if you destroy them !


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Steps To Reproduce

1)place a bluefor empty vehicle
2)create one opfor infantray

  1. set waypoint GETIN to that empty vehicle
  2. create a blufor unit able to destroy the vehicle
  3. start game
  4. check rating player == 0
  5. as you see the vehicle is RED so ENNEMY
  6. destroy that vehicle
  7. check again : rating player, you are now ennemy to all sides

PS : sorry if ticket allready exists, but search "rating" , you'll find "operating","generating","overpenetrating", and so on :)

Additional Information

Suggestion: on killed event, check the commander side , not simply the class property

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this issue has been fixed on exe revision 124721 and higher.
Thank you for your feedback.

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