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Steam browser picks up on wrong IP, so impossible to join server
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The steam browser appears to pick up on the base IP of the server box, rather than the IP that the Arma server is running on. When this happens it is impossible to join the server via the steam browser.

This still happens in 1.18


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Start a server onan IP other than the base one for the box and try and connect via the steam browser, either in-game or out of game

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Hello, could you post a little bit more details about the problem? You mean the Steam server pick up local IP instead of public WAN address? Or you have multiple LAN cards and it picks up the wrong one?

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One LAN card with multiple IPs associated with it. This is how most clans dedicated server boxes will be set up.

we have a IP assignment, so the addresses available on the box for use are 114 (the primary or base IP) through 126.

The Arma 3 server is on 116, but the out of game steam browser shows it as being on 114. I assume that the in-game one also has it on 114, but it doesn't seem to show the IP anywhere.

we have on the command line.

I've adjusted a Steam server initialization, the -ip= param is passed to the Steam to force it to use this interface.

r. 124227

Great! Thank you.

Which version will this be available in?

It will be in dev build, the version of the game has to be greater than 1.19.124227

Can someone please test it and confirm that the fix is working?

I'm away from home at the moment, but I will see what I can do.

Resolved according CL.

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When will the fix be in the stable release?

Fixed in 1.20 stable

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