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ArmA Server crash due broken squadXML host
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Arma server crash immediately when the player with broken squad xml connected. {F23788} {F23789}


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Windows 7
Dedicated Server
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Just working with as host. I used the same files on my own Webserver but without having issues but when I use instead crash the server immediately.

My test link:
URL which I use ingame:

Additional Information

The admin can just see (via rCon) just IP of the player so it is impossible to get the GUID of the player. (Not tested) But when the GUID is banned player can still crash the Server cause the server crash befor the player get kicked due the ban.

The player with broken squad xml can't see the Lobby, the server crash befor the client can see the lobby.

Skype Note:
Skaronator: seems like it doesnt work on a empty server
David Foltyn: ye cause it needs / tries to distribue the xml/logo to players
David Foltyn: maybe that was important repro info others forgot tell me

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Would be great to add a option to disable the squadXML via the server config.

oukej added a comment.May 2 2014, 1:54 PM

Could you please add <member id="DEV1" nick="DEV1"></member> entry to the broken XML on your server?

Alright added you to the Squad XML.

Hey guys,
could you please confirmed that the problem is not happening once the 1.24 update is out?
Thank you.

Since isn't longer available is it not longer possible to reproduce this.

DevArmitxes added a subscriber: DevArmitxes.EditedApr 21 2017, 3:09 PM

Still know this bug from A2 times. As this appears as first google entry to me:
You can prevent your server from crashing by blocking port 80/443 for the arma server until it's properly fixed.

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