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Trucks cargo hold (weapons/magazines/items) is too small: It's identical to quadbikes and less than MRAPs.
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See "additional information" for exact numbers.

Trucks can contain significantly less weapons and items/magazines than they could in Arma 2 (50 weapons/200 magazines then). It seems their values were copy-pasted from most other vehicles, as they all share the same.

This might require an extensive re balancing throughout all vehicles but for the purpose of this ticket I suggest increasing the cargo hold for all trucks to A2 values or similar.


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Open any config browser and look for the values

for e.g. I_Truck_02_transport_F or any major faction's truck.

Additional Information

These are the "cargo hold" values for all faction's trucks, as well as most other vehicles (such as quadbikes):

transportMaxBackpacks = 0;
transportMaxMagazines = 50;
transportMaxWeapons = 10;

These are the values for the Ifrit and the Hunter:
transportMaxBackpacks = 5;
transportMaxMagazines = 90;
transportMaxWeapons = 10;

Strider is identical apart from only taking 2 backpacks max.

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the values have been changed and you will be able to see the changes in Steam Dev within few days.

New values for trucks:
transportMaxBackpacks = 8;
transportMaxMagazines = 200;
transportMaxWeapons = 50;

Thank you.

Thanks a lot!

I really don't know what purpose did this serve in the end, except being a placebo. The number of weapons/magazines/items a vehicle can hold is not defined by the "transportMax" values, but rather "maximumLoad". If maximumLoad is not defined, then the vehicle can hold a total item mass of 1000.

This is really stupid, because trucks have a maximumLoad of 1000, while crates have 2000. The large airdrop supply crates have exactly the same maximumLoad as the smallest ammobox, which is 2000.

Here are my thoughts:

  • All ground military vehicles should have a maximumLoad of at least 3000
  • Military trucks should have 3000 for fuel ones, at least 5000 for the others, up to 10000 for the HEMTT Box and the likes
  • Civilian vehicles should be between 1000 and 5000, like: Quadbike = 1000, Hatchback = 1500, SUV = 2500, Offroad = 3000, Transport Van = 4000, Boxer Van = 5000
  • Airdrop supply crates (i.e. "B_supplyCrate_F") should have at least 3000
  • Normal ammo crates should stay at their current value of 2000

For reference, an empty Assault Pack has a mass of 20, and a First Aid Kit has a mass of 8.

I think the "transportMax" values are only kept in for backward compatibility, but Arma 3's mass-based inventory system does not seem to use them at all.

Reopen for feedback.

Iceman added a comment.Aug 4 2014, 9:34 AM

thank you for the opinions. This ticket is about bug which was present and solved, your input is more of a feature request. Could you please create new ticket (feature request) with your proposals? I will link it with this one.
Thank you.

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