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Instant death if player moves more than ~300m from target tank
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In mission "Moral Fiber" If I try to flank enemy roadblock by more than ~300m, I die. Ive died over this more than 10 times, trying different movement style/path.
Though I always moved E from convoy stop location.


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Campaign Episode 3: Win
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100% way to trigger this is to move to 172128( there is structure there, I've tried to circle it to use it as cover )

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Seems like death animation is triggered only when I trigger dialog about tank, otherwise Kerry spews "This does not seem right, where am I?" and after 10, game fails to LOAD/END screen.

Also, user controller team, is able to pass this threshold, without harm.

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"Tactical freedom" Lol good one

Instant-death. Fucking asshole sellouts.


changes have been made and now you can use the house mentioned as a cover (should appear on Steam Dev in couple of days). But don't go too far to the east as there is an Independent base (with a tank platoon) and you might get easily killed. ;)

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