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Terrain Builder "Import->Shapes..." fails on (all?) shapefiles, including shapefiles exported from the same project.
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Shapes import into Terrain Builder will be pretty important for community projects. Real world maps will need it to import road and area data from sources like Open Street Map, and Arma 2 up-conversion projects will need it for automatic conversion of Arma 2 roads to the new road technology.

Terrain Builder at the moment can not import even simple shapefiles into a project, and also fails to re-import shapefiles that were exported (moments earlier) from the same Terrain Builder project.

The error given is:

"load vector data into project - Cannot transform from file spatial into V4 project spatial. Import Failed!"


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Steps To Reproduce

(1) Open Terrain Builder
(2) Create a new project, and a mapframe in the project.
(3) Draw a simple polygon from "Shapes->Add Polygon".
(4) Open the "File->Export->Shapes..." dialog and with any "Source" and "Crop..." setting, save the shapefile somewhere.
(5) Clear the shapes layer in the "Shapes Tab" of the "Layers Manager" floating window, by right click the "default area".
(6) Open the "File->Import->Shapes..." dialog and select the shapefile that was saved in step 4.
(7) Note that the WKT is correct for the project settings (it should be, since it was generated by the project ;).
(8) Click "Ok". I expected at this point that it would import the shapefile, but instead it shows an error message.


  • The exported shapefile is valid; it opens in numerous GIS packages without error.
  • The issue also occurs if you delete the ".prj" file and use the coordinate system that Terrain Builder suggests.
Additional Information

I've attached a test shapefile exported from Terrain Builder (the project had the default coordinate system, UTM 31N).

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will test it in the evening

I found the cause of this issue, the PROJ.4 library is missing from the Arma 3 Tools package:

Resolved according to Techrep 6.

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