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Terrain Builder's "File->Export->Imagary..." has misplaced edit boxes, preventing the use of satellite texture export.
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The "File->Export->Imagary..." dialog in Terrain Builder nominally has three file path text boxes:

(1) A file path for "Export satellite texture"
(2) A file path for "Export satellite normal map"
(3) A file path for "Export surface mask"

The first two edit boxes are not positioned where they should be (under their respective checkboxes). Instead, they are both at client position (0, 0), with the "Export satellite normal map" on top.

This makes exporting a satellite texture impossible because you can not enter a file name for it. {F23558}


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Steps To Reproduce

(1) Open Terrain Builder
(2) Open or create a project with at least one mapframe.
(3) Open "File->Export->Imagary..." from the main menu.
(4) Note the placement of two of the file path edit boxes in the extreme top left corner (client window coordinates 0, 0) and the inability to enter a file path for the "Export satellite texture" option. (See attached screen shot)

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I've confirmed other people were experiencing this issue.

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