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A3 Objects Unusable in Terrain Builder
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When adding a building onto a terrain in Terrain Builder:

Bounding Box of Object does not appear on Terrain Builder map
Object p3d does not appear in Buldozer
Object is suspected to be underground or aboveground (can't tell because we can't actually see it)


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Install A3
2.) Install A3 Tools (don't do the P drive thing)
3.) Setup a Pdrive using a batch file
4.) Run Mikero's Arma3P (or just depbo the ingame files)
5.) Open Terrain Builder
6.) Mapframes > Add a Mapframe
7.) Press Ok
8.) Press Cancel
9.) Make sure Library Manager is open
10.) Right click Template Libraries > Select Create Library
11.) Name it and hit Ok
12.) Right click the new Library > Select Add Directory
13.) Navigate to A3/Structures_F and select it
14.) Press Ok and then Press Yes
15.) Add Airpot Control Tower
16.) Observe that nothing appears on the Map
17.) Connect to Buldozer
18.) Observe that nothing can be seen at the object location

Additional Information

We suspect that it is because our models are not mlods. We are not entirely sure.

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Terrain Builder cannot currently read binarised type59 p3d's

It also *seems* to have issues creating bounding boxes for type 58's

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Furthermore, one experiences a lot of objects floating or submerged into the ground.

This issue was present with Visitor 3 and expected to be gone with its successor (i.e. Terrain Builder).

The variance occurs not only for the z value, but also for x and y.

We're currently working on support for binarized p3d's ver 59. Also we have to apologize for inconvenience. TB you have got into your hands is exactly the same product as TB that is being used by us for many years. The problem is in a fact, that we're working with non-binarized models and obviously these are not available for public usage. Well and we have completely forgot on this small difference :-)

Resolved according to Techrep 6.

Infact type58`s were visible and Boundingboxes worked , in latest itteration since April 10th A2 sample data objects nolonger work or align correctly to terrain.
Please roll back to V1.0 itteration
this Map with 100+ hours can no longer be worked on with current itteration.
There is a difference between View Scene Objects and View Textured Objects , in V1.0 itteration the View Scen and View texrured worked but now only View Scene gives refference and view textured is broken with both Mlod and Odol p3ds.

<edited, rhetorical question>

Hi I saw your rhetorical question .
The tools in V0.58 are never broken , the fixes and feedback here are based on 3rd party tools used to set up working pipeline .
As you see here on 31 /3/14 i was making map with A2 sample Data and A3 Binarised in Terrain builder set 1.0
since the date 10/4/14 i have no longer able to work on it. I think there are two sets of people here both trying to create a working set of tools and pipeline.

I use BIS pipeline and now because of fix to tools to accomodate previosuly mentione , all work on that is stopped. Please can we have LInk to v1.0 tool set so we can continue. If there was changes for Legal reasons due to VBS or so then i understand but i wait in hope. P.S for the love of god  keep that guy away from the original Bat files too please if you do create a link to v1.0

many thanks

3:52 A2 sample data and 6:58 A3 binarised models

Just For My Information:
what does "keep that guy away from the original Bat files" mean? Who should be "that guy"?

and about your complains:
I've just attached a picture of Template properties window where you can see a row named P3D version. So please can you provide me a version of a affected(broken) object? And furthermore It would be great help when you attach the object to this task.

About view textured objects: this feature are no longer supported because of a huge changes in p3d format

Hi Japapa
First , no arma2 binned or unbinned work at all in current version since April 10th for me on my system., i started new map in interim with only A3 but wish to return to my one map i have so many hours invested.
The programme no longer Binarises WRP
UAC is now completely messed up with Dev:P
Simple fix , please give rollback link so i may continue with previous terrain
If its not a possibility then ok

The guy i refer too is the guy who changed the Bat files for MapDisk, there is now no corellations with UAC between Hkey registraions / P:drive /Executable of tools / Bulldozer , i cannot tell why because i simply have headache with testing Start Staem Admin , Start addon/terrain builder as Admin / no Bulldozer
Start as user as above cant see P:drive but can use bulldozer new file so must have P: as user and Admin
Disable UAC on windows 8.1 Arma3 is now one of the APPS affected and so FPS is now 5FPS in game and Bulldozer .
In essence , i personally had no problems and many i know ,which i should get to register but hey, its a hobby and do they care as a I ?.
Given the problems i respect your DEV team is samll and as such its too much to satisfy many differing PC owners with varying specs.
I ask for one easy ( unless there is a problem with your end) please give link to first itteration of tools .
I respect others may have differing views as this is PC not console world.

No longer binarises WRP? It's really strange because the version you have is same as the version which currently being used by our map designers. Yes it is possible that TB is no longer supporting older versions of P3D, but I can take a look whether we can change that situation.

so when I will give you an older version than April 10th you would be happy? ;-)

I suppose your Files are different , usually WRP only ever fails when the Configs in Binpbo (addonbuilder) have too much outdated Heirarchy and Binarize.exw simply gives up in my experience before A3 , however this time although yes The tool set was out dated ( and some changes made around or just after April 10th in itteration 3 , this made worse .

Howver i would be danicng amongst the strs if you can let me have v 1.0 tool set :) , whether its my own fault for setting a working pipeline and doing 100+ hours with V1.0 is debatable but right now my 100 hors work is unusable with current tool set :).
so yes Tool set likage ( steam accepted or if i need workaround ok) for before April is my Desire
Much apreciated.

so you need an older version of TB, or the whole tools? Because I guess that old common tools package can be downloaded from the web without Steam. And about TB: you can write me a mail on '' and will see what I can do for you ;-)

Cheers , yes i need all tools because ObjectBuilder and Binarize is also broken not just TB

I think that V0.58 of A3 tools is only available steam exclusive so not avaialable on web

  I will e-mail about WRP but first i will check its not my config calling a Call Stack, because i am now on Stable due to trying to get tools to work an my config was wrote for Dev branch.
  Edit it is my fault the WRP , i will ammend the Bug i put for it  ( half my fault lol as i will explain in apropiate Bug issue 0018805 )

tools stopped working for me here for UAC and bulldozer and Arma 2 P3ds all not working . :

Tech rep #0006 so
CIRCUMSTANCES: Version 0.60 (Terrain Builder fixes, P-Drive update)

Will i e-mail for A3 V0.58 tools or you will make a link ?

sorry but that make no sense. your're saying that Tools ver.58 work fine for you(techrep #00005) but ver.60(#00006) don't? I agree that I have changed many things in TerrainBuilder P3D logic(both MLOD and ODOL) and I have no problem to give you TB from Tools ver.58, but I'm nearly sure that no major changes were done in ObjectBuilder and Binarize.

So can you specify your problems with these tools?

Hi ,
I dont think my explanation is clear but i try last time

Tools ver.58 work fine for you(techrep 0000005) but ver.60(0000006) don't? I agree that I have changed many things in TerrainBuilder P3D logic(both

They work perfect and then subsequent changes :" I have changed many things in TerrainBuilder P3D logic" and specifically in combination with P-Drive update

The above has broken my Pipeline in windows 8.1 , what i say to you is i have and shown video that in ver 0.58 100+ hours on DBo Afghanistan v4 using Binarised P3d from Arma 3 PBO and in addition used arma2 sample data Mlod and when in game using Arm3MP a working pipeline .
Whatever you did i dont know , whatever this guy did to Bat files in ver.60 i dont know , however i can tell you without shadow of a doubt my terrain that i worked on is not only unable to load the p3d in TB i cannot view the Mlods with Bulldozer of sample data due to crashes.

I think now we spend enough time and i appreciate your time here, however if there is as you say no link to version0.58 , i will succombe to use Community tools such as Mikero and create a working pipleline as this works for others and is well documented.
I am totally dissapointed to do this because all susequent fixes you make are based on BIS pipeline un assumption DEV:P is used or BIS mapdisk.
Thanks for your assitance.

ok, so please could you write an email to me?

Hi ,
I dont know for what i require to e-mail.

  My other point was described here apart from version 0:58 ;)



What I can say.. I've spent a lot of time to get the older package of tools(ver.58) in spite of a fact, that this is not an official BI tools distribution policy. Furthermore even of a fact, that We haven't got any other complain about Tools ver.60 and P3D models. And now, when all that things(asking managers, reverting Tool data server, preparing the package), so when all that thing is done(just for one community user, for you) you don't want it :-(

Well guy.. so now I can say only:

"Your task has been listed to our queue, please be patient and wait till we will find a time to take a look

support guy"

I think we both know you will change that ;)

Should I mention before I came here I was 13 years more helping your customers.
You know the best , I never made or asked for 1 pence and probably paid more than £10, 000 in computers , internet fees and electricity in them 13 years just helping and enjoying ofp series ..

The email was sent and the help and the tools revert is very much appreciated ;)