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playVideo function appears to cause 2 second audio delay on OGV files
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As the summary states, OGV files played via the playVideo function seem to have a 2 second audio delay. It might be the video itself is the problem but I'm not sure... ? {F23540}


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OGV files are very difficult for us community members to use with any success. Please BIS, any chance of some tools or help? I am not the only one suffering with audio sync issues. Cheers!

Yeah - loads of people are struggling with this. I myself have tried 3 or 4 OGG converters and for some reason, each time, they are out of sync in-game. Also, there's a lot of flickering happening too.

I was contemplating sending my video to a video editing group who could convert it properly to OGG - but I'm a bit concerned the fault is in-game...

I also think, for the 'Make Arma Not War' contest to reach its full potential, the accessibility of OGG videos as cutscenes should be streamlined somehow. Maybe a feature in the Arma3 tools? OGV convert?

could you please create some simple repro mission for this issue? Thank you.


I've attached a file. The intro works visually but the audio is about 2 seconds out of sync.

The quotation OGV file is a sync test. This seems to be in sync, but the visual doesn't work.

Both are OGV files.

I understand that it may be a conversion issue - but if so, where are we going wrong? As both videos play ok in standard video viewers.

I had trouble uploading to the feedback tracker, but here's my DropBox link:

One of the files is quite large - but it's the one where the 2 second delay is evident.

It probably can be solved with encoding, since if you play BI's video files in your own mission, their audio is synced fine*. However, if that is the case, I agree that a guide on settings that the game accepts is needed. I've spent days trying to figure out a working setup on ffmpeg2theora (which Bohemia used), and all I've achieved is shortening the desync to less than a second, which is obviously way worse than with regular media players. Video and audio quality in general also suffer when playing the videos in-game.

Crude workaround is to play the audio with playSound at the same time. Syncs considerably better than otherwise.

  • I thought it might be an issue with loading such files from a mission instead of separately loaded data file, but my video didn't work from an addon either.

I've noticed with my HD video that the FPS appears to vary when played in-game, thus, intensifying the sync issue which is already out from the beginning. When I play it normally, on some form of media player, the video flows perfectly.

Astaroth - is it okay to submit a link for the repro mission? It's just I'm having a hard time putting something together under 5000k.

Yes sure, thank you very much. :)

Cheers! Just give us a shout if there's any problems - and enjoy the video!

Beautiful to see this assigned! Thank you kindly!

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Now also fix/implement GPS _video pls! ..Been assigned since alpha!

Any news on this?

Not as far as I'm aware. Would love to get my hands on BIS' codec information. The function would probably work - just need the info!

I wonder, could we get an OGG converter on the Arma tools? :) Probably not possible - but it'd be a most welcome addition!

Yea i've noticed this to. When I play the .ogv file in VLC it works fine but when I use the video as an intro in my mission the audio is out of sync. It's pretty annoying.

Could we get codec information, perhaps? The function must be capable of working, as BIS' video works fine.

This has been assigned for nearly a year, but still can't get videos to play in sync properly...

Working OGV videos please. Audio is out of sync!

Or just the codec details! I also cannot get my videos to play with proper audio. Has anyone out there ever figured it out?

I dont think it even has anything to do with the codec?

Can anyone give an update on this? Perhaps the codec info could be shared? Or a video converter with the Arma tools could be introduced? What says everyone? :)

Would there be any possibility of opening up Arma to other video formats other than OGG? I'm not sure how big a task that would be, or even if it would be possible. Or how about an OGV converter for Arma tools? :D

Why hasn't this been resolved yet? It's been nearly a year.

Any news? Could we get it as part of Arma tools?

another 6 months pass :(

Like it'd be grand if we could get a documented encoding setup, or even better an OGV converter for arma tools.

Clearly, the a3 intro ogv file does is synced..playVideo is used..however none of us seem to be able to fix this ourselves.

Please, some encoding/conversion information or a tool that is guaranteed to work...or simply fix this bug :/

documentation needed, me feels :)

The comparison.rar contains two pages generated using MediaInfo. I managed to get really close with trying to copy the (working) arma 3 intro.ogv, even with the same ffmpeg version and bitrates and stuff..there are only a few differences.

Per usual, the bootcat2.ogv is synced in VLC media player but is out of sync in ArmA 3.

the intro ogv is always synced.

Thanks for that PhonicGames. Maybe we're getting closer? :D

Imagine how cool it would be to have a pre-recorded briefing or like a hostage video in-game. Please give us an update on this ;)

Kind regards,

Any news on this one? Perhaps someone can get us the video codec? :)

+1 for OGV converter for A3 Tools - that would be incredible!

Some more information would be splendid ^^

Arma needs videos.

Yep. It sucks knowing this worked absolutely 100% fine in ArmA 2 and then it's broken in ArmA 3.

Worst of all is that Bohemia's in-game videos do not suffer from this problem and I tried using the EXACT same (rare) codec and everything to try and get it to work, but no cigar.

Meanwhile this ticket is hitting the two year mark :(

Two years - still no fix?

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I never had any issues with using ffmpeg so far like described.