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Floating loot, floating debris in Single / Multiplayer, Builds Using Weapons Holders.
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This Update as Of Today, All My Loot Tables are Now Floating average of 3 to 20 meters off ground, As Well as Spawn Vehicles Dropping in and Damaging them. I'm not a Good Coder really I am Not, and now 2 weeks of my work is messed up and was working just fine until this update, please check your elevation numbers have to off some how {F23357}


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The Last update has not fixed this issue! I'm Also Not Hearing Footsteps on certain surfaces. i.e. The Runway at the main Airport.

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confirmed also "debris / loot" floating in the air and on roofs

simple repro mission?

What I don't understand is why one of these have a Level issue after the update, and that BI has not fixed this and released a new update.To the Dev's, there is an issue with the Get Position on one of these weapons holders and having it used for spawning in weapons, etc. that all the objects float and I mean Very high off the ground. Please Look into a fix with out having to add additional script to force the leveling.

"GroundWeaponHolder","WeaponHolder","WeaponHolder_ Single_F","WeaponHolder_Single_limited_item_F","We aponHolder_Single_limited_magazine_F", "WeaponHolder_Single_limited_weapon_F","WeaponHold erSimulated"

WeaponHolderSimulated is PhysX enabled so it should always drop to the floor. Does it float too?

info/repro's has been sent across to you guys via other means of communication

has there been any progress Dwarden?
let me know buddy

can someone edit this ticket and re name it properly....

"Floating loot, floating debris in multiplayer"

<<< Engine

Fixed: scripting command createunit is now respecting height coordinate, but also places at the right height

our team will confirm and report back

please close ticket, confirmed as fixed :)

thanks guys

This Issue Is NOT FIXED, First Partially My Fault as I did not clarify The Issue Correctly. First This issue is due to the get positions on the locations inside of each buildings there are 1 to 3 locations on each building for spawn points. For Those Who know about this there is an Issue and I'm looking for a Simple fix and Not having to set Hight on every building for the spawn location inside for the loot.

then please provide provide repro script / mission for 1.15 then ...

no simple repro is nearly equal to no bug

i mean You all are well aware of it yet the ticket and responses contain zero of repro material ...

^ +1

they need a repro to reproduce the issue so they can see what is really going on.
the issue for our team is fixed because primarily we are using a better script to place loot ;) but unfortunately I cant leak any information here.

try another method to spawn loot

Okay Same Type of loot spawn I'm Using, and This is doing the same thing as well, I know This was working fine a Week before, as I had tested it. Go To ATC Towers The Metal Military Boxes and Notice how Everything Is Floating! Now The Author has Updated this, But Still Has Same Issue just not as Bad, and Still causes FPS issues, because of the unnatural level of objects floating. Thanks Sorry It Took me So Long to Respond Back. See File Attached Thanks

how about a repro mission... not just files

something the devs can load/play/debug

is this still problem in today's DEV?

ill double check with deniz, but im pretty sure its fixed for us...
we are using a different code than the OP

ill let you know dwarden.

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This problem is definetely fixed in DEV. We do not use weaponholders though, we use crates, so I couldn't tell you about that stuff.

Once Again I'm Sorry for Late Response.... I've Posted Zip File With Just The Issue Files, Please Go Inside The Terminal Building, Then Get In Truck and Go To The Dome's To The East and Look inside the First Dome at The Metal Cargo Housing, You Will See The Loot Is Floating Really Bad. Thanks Guys Also I'm on Stable Build Not Dev

load the mission in mp or sp or what
dedi server?

ok thanks for the repro, i was able to reproduce "YOUR" issue using the editor mission file...

went into terminal, found that some weapons and magazines were firmly on the ground and went to one of the domes and found some stack of missile floating on the red and white buildings inside the domes

can you paste your script that you use? understand if you cannot

Okay The file in the folder from my Editor File or even the Single player file will get you the info. So To Break it down how it works and You Can Go From There.

Lootspawner_SP.sqf This is the main file, SP is for the Single player, as That is What I'm Building is a Sinle Player File, LSlootBuildings.sqf this is the building's list for the spawns, LSlootLists.sqf is the actual Weapons and Items List of the stuff to be spawned, fn_LSgetBuildingstospawnLoot.sqf and this file basically sets the Get Pos etc of the building to place the loot. I hope this helps you to figure out why the loot is floating, As I Said When I Posted this issue, This Was Working perfectly no lag or FPS issue because all loot was dropping to the floor in the locations to where it was spawning. Now It's Just Causing issues, and I prefer this method of loot spawn over weapons boxes.

im sure dwarden will take a look when he has the time mate

check now if the issue persists

Yes It Does, I checked right after the update in hopes that it would be fixed, But No it's actually worse as Now Weapons and Items like backpacks that are to spawn on the 2nd floor of buildings are now floating above the roofs of buildings. Thanks for Asking though.

The difference between the issue we had and you have, is that you're using weapon holders, and we are using simple createVehicle commands with model positions.

It seems the preset weapon holder positions are wrong then.

Well I would agree with you IF, and I Say A Strong IF, that This Loot spawner Did not work absolutely Perfect for over 6 weeks until the update that was Released on 03/05/2014. That is When It Went All Floating Everywhere. And As This Ticket has Now been up for almost 6 weeks and still no resolve, I'm starting to think that it will not. It's a Shame too as I cannot Promote a Game that The Developers Refuse To Fix and Yet Keep adding more content instead of fixing issue that already exist instead of creating new ones. i.e. This Issue, FPS and Performance Issues based on there required System Spec's. My only hope is they actually Go back and look at the fact that they moved a Global Variable to the y coordinate. But I will be fair, it is a nice game, even though it has it's issues just like the 2nd one does.

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Possible changes in the game that would explain this issue:

  • change in returned value type of buildingPos command
  • change of position of positions within some buildings

Lootspawner scripts feature this line:
swSpZadjust = true; //temp on, needs further investigation

If left true, some loot spawns in the air and others underground. If set to false, loot spawn locations appear to be more reliable. Comment suggests it's a feature in development (script is not reliable)