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Cannot aim down sights or use any optics with "Remote Control" Zeus module.
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When using the Remote control module in Zeus by dragging it onto a unit, I cannot use any optics modes. This means you cannot aim precisely at all, all infantry can only be fired "from the hip".

This must be fixed or the value and fun of the remote control feature will be ruined. It's so close to being a great feature.

*Addendum: This is only an issue if remote controlling from a Zeus that is a forced interface e.i. there is no player unit assigned that the Zeus can switch to.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Spawn a unit in Zeus, in a "forced interface" Zeus mission in which Zeus is a dedicated role.
  1. Click and drag the "Remote Control" Zeus module (located in the "Misc" category of modules) onto the icon of the unit.
  1. Try to use any kind of weapon optic or gun sights and observe it does not work.
Additional Information

I have tried this in both Zeus missions I made, and BIS official ones.

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ADDENDUM: This is only an issue in Zeus missions where Zeus can't be switched off to control a "Player" unit. If there is a player unit, Remote Control of a unit allows Aim-down sights.

Spadie added a subscriber: Spadie.May 7 2016, 6:01 PM

I have this issue as well. No weapon sight works. It does zoom in slightly but that's it.

I'm unable to reproduce this issue. Tried both in SP, on hosted server and on dedicated server. Ability to switch to the player unit didn't have any effect on it.

Akheron added a subscriber: Akheron.May 7 2016, 6:01 PM

I had the same issue. Multiplayer > New Game > Zeus 16+1 NATO mission.

I place a opfor unit, I use remote control on him. I cannot aim down sight. I cannot use inventory either. I see my inventory, but cannot change anything even from ammobox. Hope it helps.

Vanilla Arma, or with some mods?

Vanilla. No mod activated.

Happens the same for me as Akheron described. The issue is definitely there on the Zeus 16+2 NATO Altis mission.

Place any unit then possess it. Cannot aim down sights.

One other issue associated with possession is if you use a unit and walk up to a body or a crate of some sort you cannot equip or move things from the crates/bodies/items to your inventory. It is as if your inventory is frozen.

Edit: Also Vanilla. I can provide video of both bugs if requested

Edit 2: It appears that since this mornings patch the aiming down sights bug is fixed. I tested it on Zeus 16+2 on Altis. The inventory thing still exists though. Will upload video in a minute

Edit 3:
I left in the lobby setup to show the settings I'm using for the game. Shows very clearly the inventory bug.

I just went to play more Zeus with a few friends and again cannot aim down sights. May be a multiplayer issue.

Confirmed. I've been able to bring up the sights once.

No mods.

pyra added a subscriber: pyra.May 7 2016, 6:01 PM
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Able to reproduce, unable to aim down sights neither optics or iron sights work.

I have the same issue still as of the patch today on 28/02/2014.

I tested this by creating a local LAN game and picking the 48+2 stratis ZGM mission. I placed a unit, remote controlled it and could not use optics. Pressing my optics button raised the weapon, the same as pressing tactical stance normally does, but did not actually look down the optics.

Messing around on "ZGM 16+2 Master Stratis" in local multiplayer, I was never able to aim down sights on any remote control AI unit. I could zoom in the camera, but never aim.

Also incapable of interacting with their inventory in any way.

Able to reproduce consistently on ZGM 16+2 Master Altis (NATO). Strangely enough, aiming down the sights works perfectly for me in ZGM 48+2 Master Altis.

I believe I found the issue and fixed it (ETA Friday), but I'm still not sure about it.
Please try it and if the problem still persist, slap this issue back to my face ;)

Aiming down sights seems to be fixed now, but Inventory interaction is still not possible.

I can also aim down sights, but inventory is still ignorant of mouse inputs

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 6:01 PM

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