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Zeus: Advanced Waypoint Editing
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Zues currently lacks the waypoint editing capability that we see in the ArmA 3 mission editor. The ability to select waypoint type ("GET OUT","UNLOAD TRANSPORT",etc) would make missions much more dynamic and interesting. Combat mode, movement speed, and behavior are not as nearly as important, they don't need to be stressed over as much.

What can be said is it is currently impossible for the Zeus to order an AI squad to get in a vehicle and unload them at their destination. Something that would allow this is desperately needed.


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i agree with most of what you said except combat mode,
combat mode is important since you are sending units to fight , you want the units to keep formation and not engage at will - you have to make the waypoint one that they do NOT engage at will
or if you want to hold them in an ambush - you will have to make them hold fire for that

i think i made my point

The most interesting ting using Zeus is building patrols. Therefor it's very important to have a Cycle waypoint. this is a thing I am really missing cause now you have to put new waypoints again and again creating a constantly moving group.

You can actually place a cycle waypoint now by holding down ctrl+alt when you place your last waypoint on a patrol cycle. I make use of this extensively when I play as Zeus.

I personally would like to see the same type of waypoints that are available in the mission editor also available in Zeus.

Waypoint type attribute added, double-click on a wayipont to configure it.

Available waypoint types:

More may be added later.

What about Units speed?
Currently, setting up a mech mixed unit with both foot and cars will make the car just speed off. Same with infantry, some times one would want a slow moving patrol.

SPEED: Limited, Normal, Full

I cant see the waypoint types. Is this in the stable release of the game?

I can't see it and I'm on the dev build, strange.

I cant see it either - might be on the next update maybe ???

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