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Make Zeus's 3d editor compatibilities into the arma 3 editor
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this Zeus mp dlc looks like a really advanced bit of kit!

  • precision unit, object placement
  • place waypoints
  • place tasks
  • place effects

this is pretty much the ingredients towards a brilliant 3d editor for mission makers


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surely its possible to re write something so it would have an option on the normal editor to switch to the Zeus mode or something like that and could switch back and forth while making your mission.

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and please give us an Loadout/Equipment/Inventory Editor to edit the units gear on the fly:

I thought the same thing the instant I watched the DLC reveal video. I would really be happy with BI if they did this, they already have the tools right in front of them.

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how to play as ZEUS in editor? =>
1)place any (f1)soldier as player
2)place (f7)modules category:zeus modul:game master
3)selec (f5) synchrozation and connect module with player (click and drag)
4)test your map
5)press "Z" button to switch into Zeus (or your defined "zeus button") are ZEUS ;)

but, you can just test your map, you can't save your progres :/

Upvote from me. BI did an amazing job with it and looks amazingly powerful as an editor; much more powerful than the 2D editor which is poo when it comes to precise unit/object placement. Zeus as a 3D editor takes the difficulty straight out of editing and could possibly allow for some awe-inspiring missions. Furthermore, a UI-based gear editor would top it all off.

Koala added a comment.Mar 1 2014, 11:05 AM


There should be a button in the editors GUI, where you can switch from top-down-view to 3D-(Zeus like)-view.

I hope, the developers will pay attention and give us that tool.

I am sick and tired of trial and error and the need of using scripts for simple things like placements in different heights.

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Tottally agree. Upvoted.

would be a dream come true!

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Agreed. 3d editor save function.

This. It'd be hugely useful, especially with how much easier (dare I say "fun") it is to use the 3D editor with Zeus.

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Agree 100%

I would like to see Zeus being expanded little bit more with the 2D Editor. Meaning anything you make in the Zeus will also appear in 2D Editor or vise-versa. BI did tremendously good job with Zeus for the most part (thought it will be a flop). It might even replace MCC on some parts.

Question, This has been up since Feb 15 2014, give few more months that it will be a full year. Has any of the BI or someone looked into this yet? This will be a good feature for everyone (mission-makers, causal builders, etc) in the long run.

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