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Change in CursorTarget priority causes issues with scripts that rely on it
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In a recent dev build update (~a week ago) the priority of CursorTarget was changed to always prioritize buildings. This has caused issues with a variety of scripts.


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Move a soldier inside a building and use 'hint str typeof cursortarget' in the debug menu while pointing at him.

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It is not just soldier. There is a toilet box on Stratis that is inside bounding box of near building. It always returns the building when pointing at the toilet.


This has caused a medical revive script in use since Alpha to no longer be functional within buildings.

Still broken, now on stable. This issue breaks everything that relies on cursorTarget inside and near buildings and must be fixed ASAP.

Example 1:
Looking at ground weaopn holder with weapon, I have inventory actions but cursor target still reports "Inn garden"
Looking bit higher, now cursor target is ground weapon holder as it should have been in both cases

Example 2:
Looking through 3 objects: Laptop, Camping table and Garden Inn. Cursor target reports Garden Inn, laptop functions are inaccesible.
Now there is nothing but laptop in line of sight, cursor target reports it properly

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same here, upvoted

How did an already reported bug get into the stable branch from the dev branch?
This bug has broken our mod. I certainly hope there is a hot-fix for this soon.

It seems actions added via addAction are also not working, making it unusable.
However, actions added via class UserActions {}, do work.

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Ya this has broken TacBF and Breaking Point. I can't believe it was a known issue in Dev Branch and BI decides to push it out to stable branch anyway. Not good.

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This is greatly affecting the Breaking Point and Arma 3 in general. Please add urgency to this issue. Thanks!

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This is slightly offtopic, but how exactly is this bug affecting Breaking Point?

This bug should be fixed in next dev branch update (today). We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

Resolved - fixed.

Thanks for the rapid fix.

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