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setvariable command with public parameter set to true doesn't work for some vehicles
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This command does not work with O_G_Offroad_01_F vehicles (maybe with B_G_Offroad_01_F and other variants too but haven't checked) for JIP players.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start the test mission on a dedicated server.

Add a variable to the vehicle: vehicle player setVariable ["mytest", 5, true]

Go back to lobby and choose a slot.

Check if the variable value exists on the Offroad : hint str (vehicle player getVariable ["mytest", "it didnt work"]

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I have been seeing this issue as well. It seems like it actually is becoming more prominent and annoying though.

Are you still observing this issue? I am unable to reproduce this in current dev build. Thanks

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I installed a dedicated server (Branch: Stable Version: 1.18.124200) on my PC and was unable to reproduce the issue. So apparently this is working now.

However I noticed this problem (setvariable with global broadcast not working) is still occurring randomly. Yesterday, I noticed the issue on a dedicated server. The setvariable command didn't work on "b_supplycrate_f" for one player only (we were 4 players in total). I asked the player to reconnect and after he did the server broadcasted the variable correctly (I didn't reexecute the setvariable command before or after he reconnected).

I tested the issue with "b_supplycrate_f" again too and I couldn't reproduce it either. It looks like something random.

I do still see this randomly. I have't set up a sand box to test the details of it grain by grain (I will work on doing that shortly), but could this have anything to do with the setObjectTextureGlobal bug? (

I also have this issue on both offroad which inherit from the 'I_G_Offroad_01_F' class. The JIP process is unable to get the global variables assigned to these vehicles.

I am on stable, server on PERF 3 binaries (1.18.124360)

seems fixed in latest dev

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