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"lockTurret" command is partially broken
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Using this command

tank lockTurret [[0,0], true];

on M2A1 for example will remove enter commander action from outside the tank but when inside the option to switch to commander is still available and cannot be removed no matter what.

Same happens with

tank lockTurret [[0], true];

for gunner position. It is disabled from outside but permanently available from inside. lockDriver and lockCargo work for both.


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spawn M2A1 call it tank

tank lockTurret [[0,0], true];
tank lockTurret [[0], true];

neither gunner or commander options are available from outside
enter tank via driver option
both gunner and commander are available

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It's broken since it was introduced some years ago and a ticket for it exists already for some years in the CIT:

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the issue has been fixed, could you please confirm on Steam Dev 1.19.124318 and higher? Thank you very much.

Have a nice day!

Retested in SP, MP (local and remote) + JIP, couldn't find any problems. Thank you Druid and Iceman!

Good news it has been fixed, thank you! :)

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