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Destroyed buildings cause significant performance drop
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When buildings are destroyed, significant frame drop can be observed. This appears to be caused by the fact that destroyed buildings aren't replaced by the ruin model, rather the destroyed building is hidden underground <i>and</i> the ruin is spawned in its place. {F22899} {F22900} {F22901}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load attached mission (destroyTest.Altis)
  2. Take note of your FPS (mine was ~ 51)
  3. Press 0-0-1 to level the whole town
  4. Wait for the dust to settle
  5. Check your FPS now (mine was ~ 23)
  6. Press 0-0-2 to flip the player
  7. Hold right-mouse button to zoom in and see underground
  8. Observe the original houses are underground, presumably causing the FPS loss
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Branch: Development
Version: 1.09.113293

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This can in no way be efficient. I hope BI will fix this very soon.

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When tested in A2/OA there is very little change in FPS.

It's hard to see a reason for this unless it's an actual bug.

Hope this is fixed very soon. I can't imagine why this shouldn't be in the top 5 issues right now.

In 1.19.124337 I am no longer able to see the buildings underground. The issue with huge FPS drop remains (61 => 27).


we have applied a fix so destroyed buildings are no longer resource demanding. The FPS drop in attached repro mission is now about 2 FPS instead of 20 (because of simulations which cannot be terminated) after the dust settles. Could you please verify on Steam Dev on revision 124424 and higher?

Thank you very much!

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