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Zamak's scale
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The scales of the Zamaks (covered and uncovered, both AAF and CSAT's) are not the good one. They are way too small. Thanks for your work fixing bugs {F22893}


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In the editor, put a Zamak (uncovered or covered), and right next to it put a support Zamak. You will see that the scale is completely different.

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My game version : 1.09.113293.

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hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as a Kamaz. just as a note, this is present in the non-dev version as well, but the editor image is a bit bigger than one shown above

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The problem is with Support (picture is too big) not with Transport. Compare with other vehicles. VOTE UP

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Just to clear things up, it's not the 3D model that is too small, it's the 2D image in the editor which is disproportionate.

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