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Shooting through windows messes up shot.
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I dont know if this is realistic. However you guys created windows that are not destructible at all.

Therefore this "feature" creates the issues with unbreakable windows in the first place.

If shots wouldnt be altered through glas nobody would care if windows were destructible or not.

So I suggest you remove the effect of glas on bullet trajectorys and have the issue with unbreakable glas fixed.

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  1. Go to Agia Marina (example), choose a house with blue windows
  2. place a soldier behind one of the blue windows
  3. place the player on the other side
  4. shoot the soldier through the window e.g. with a 9mm sidearm or PDW (Sting in my case)

Only assault rifles can successfully penetrate these really poor windows; some shots of the lower velocity gun seem to penetrate but slow down too much or change flight path too heavily.

Any gun in the game should be able to penetrate and hit a target behind such a window.

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What windows?

As far as I know, most if not all windows are destrucible. Maybe you should report that the windows are unbreakable?

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The bullet is passing though an object, therefore, it is going to affect the bullet.

If you have ever shot with a gun (not a potato one) through a regular window, you should know that it has practically no effect on the bullet.

Depending on the muzzle speed, but unless its an armor glass, it should not really actually spread bullets that much unless the speed of a bullet is *really* low.

This is what I mean (and probably also the OP means):

If you ignore the effect that the (already know ) bug with the not breaking windows give. Its pretty realistic. The video shows a a slow 9mm SMG is firing through a normal window. I can tell you that snipers need to be aware when firing at frontshields of vehicles(even unarmoured) because its gambling where the bullet will go even with 7.62mm from a M40.
Its the question where the obstacle is:Is it closer to you you have a higher chance to miss, because the bullet spread in arma is pretty the same in 50m as in 0 m. after spreading the bullet dispers for example 1m for 2m travelling so if the obstacle is 0.5m before the target it spreads 0.25m. if the obstacle is 0.5m in front of you at 50m distance it dispers 25m(already had the discussion about AP rounds for tanks).
@Fireball :- related ticket 0018032 is not fixed in Stable!!!!

  • ticket 0017201 is not really related to the one mentioned before Its about a scrolldown menu for breaking glass.

It seems like you are new to the moderators coul it be?
BTW removing fully functional system to "fix" bugs is not really the intention of any programmer.

Maybe a windshield could already be considered heavier glass than this sheet of window we're looking at, at this house. Reviewing my video, I guess the main issue is, that the window looks broken, but the bullets still strike like the window would be whole. Looks like I need to make a separate ticket for that, as below tickets are simply not clear enough.

For #18032: It said it would not break, but you can see clearly in my video of this ticket that the window looks broken. If that was not what the ticket was about, "glass looking broken but not actually being broken" what I infact can see in my video (but not in his), then the ticket should be improved. Or I'll simply create a new one.

Then for #17201: It said "shooting or with some option", so it breaks with shooting; or at least it looks broken - that's what everyone in the ticket comment is confirming. Anything else goes into dynamic destruction which is a whole other animal. The menu item to enable "breaking a window" would be something that would require an animation and is a feature request. Either way the ticket is poorly written and unclear. It's always a problem with tickets taking up multiple points.

Agree but write in the comments that the ticket is old and is closed due to inactivity.
There are already multiple tickets for the window problem
The main problem with glass is its a crystal structure. When firing at 90°there is no problem but light angles are making everything complicated.

Can you please cite a ticket which describes the "window looks broken but still is there" best? I'll look forward to improving it.