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Unable to lock on with AA or AT launcher in multiplayer
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I have no issue using the anti air titan or titan compact in singleplayer or editor, but in multiplayer sessions i can not. This is really frustrating.


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Simply create a mission with player as AA specialist, add something that flies.
Testing this works in singleplayer, but if i host said mission i no longer can lock onto targets.

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No probs for me in MP

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It may be the bug that only shows lock-on graphics when crosshairs are enabled, but the symbols around the weapon screen change appropriately.

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This problem is available also in the editor now. I perfectly see the purpose, but capture of the purpose happens when the purpose very close. After the first capture, the following capture quickly. But it was lucky me, not always the purpose so close as on video.
In a network game it is more difficult to make capture of the purpose.

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Errors capture target AA. Often the goal line of sight, but the capture is not working, or capture leads away from the goal.
In the video, I will explain, always when I see the goal, trying to make a capture. Whenever you see the video goal is not capture anything, I take it. I tried with different settings appear

  • General and landscape 2000-12000. In all situations, it captures the problem occurs sooner or later.

Capture sometimes works, sometimes does not work. Many times tried in the editor, everything always works differently. I do not see, depending on the situation, I see the relationship when the target is in motion. I tried with helicopters. When the helicopter is not moving - everything works well, at any distance to the target. Any reliance on visual range. But once the target starts moving, things are changing, there is a problem with the grip.
Steps in the editor:

  • Start the editor
  • Create a defense shooter
  • Create multiple boxes with rockets
  • Create multiple aircraft, the height of 500m, ask them waypoints height of about 500m of your deployment.
  • Start mission.
  • Try a takeover target when you see it.
  • Try to change games overall visibility settings
  • Several times, start the mission again

I noticed when the game settings, the range of total visibility 12000, target acquisition works well, but at a distance to the goal ~ 3000-4000m square capture often is not on target, but the sound is ready capture works well.
Arma3DEV 1.67.140215

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Maybe I chose the wrong ticket. Create a new, just for AA missiles?
Try it here

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