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AI soldiers, especially medic, may get stuck with no reason
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AI soldiers randomly get stuck with no obvious reason. no tree/wall/house or any other things around the stuck soldier. medic seems to have higher chance to get such problem, usually after healing someone.
It appears like a animation related issue to me. As sometimes, I can fix this by commanding the stuck AI soldier to sit down/salute/reload (playing an animation to terminate the animation they are stuck on?). But this method doesn't work always.
This problem occurs only when I am the leader, I have never seen it happened to any AI soldier on a team led by an AI leader.


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there is no clear steps to follow to repeat the issue. it happens randomly to player's teammate, not to soldiers led by an AI leader.

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No screenshot needed, the stuck soldier would just stand there without moving. This issue was found with the latest version as of this date.

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Thanks for reproducing, this is an age-old hunting question with some duplicated compliants posted several months before like

It was assigned to Astaroth and it's just a matter of time :)

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thanks for posting the related issues here. I did search but didn't find those tickets. I wish there was a way to link all together so the developer could check all the details and figure out the pattern easily.
hope we can have this fixed with next update.

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In the last time this happens very often to me. Its absolutely annoying -.-

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The problem, as before, has not been solved.