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Strange output from handleDamage EVH
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In dependence from damage source and in dependence from the first hit to all following hits the damage EVH bring different values back.

main problems:

  • a new output, overall damage at the first hit, only by grenades
  • NULL output for the damage source at every damage event (first output)
  • changing frame during a event (against the notes wiki)
  • a different damage output after the frame has changed

With this "undefined/changing" output values it is very hard for mission designer or modder to work with this event. {F22719}


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

example mission attached

Additional Information

mission start - damge only trough grenades:
first hit:
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"head",0.299985,<NULL-object>,"GrenadeHand"]" <--- NULL?!
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"",0.73864,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"",0.73864,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"head",0.299985,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"body",0.171576,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"hands",0.29755,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273797: [p1,"legs",0.35811,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 273804: [p1,"",0.739428,Shooter,""]" <--- overall damage in another frame
// second hit:
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"head",0.351021,<NULL-object>,"GrenadeHand"]" <--- NULL?!
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"",0.105894,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"",0.845322,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"head",0.351021,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"body",0.199912,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"hands",0.346067,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
"Frame: 275578: [p1,"legs",0.413056,Shooter,"GrenadeHand"]"
??? <--- where is it?! summary output only at the first hit?

mission start - damage trough bullets in the torso/body (same distance):
first hit:
"Frame: 299633: [p1,"head",0.0156636,<NULL-object>,"B_65x39_Caseless"]" <--- NULL?!
"Frame: 299633: [p1,"",0.316172,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 299634: [p1,"",0.316172,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]" <--- a new frame started: the output above start twice
"Frame: 299634: [p1,"head",0.0156636,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 299634: [p1,"body",0.505136,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 299634: [p1,"hands",0.0790496,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
??? <--- where is it?! no summary output but its the first hit
// second hit:
"Frame: 300118: [p1,"head",0.0406294,<NULL-object>,"B_65x39_Caseless"]" <--- NULL?!
"Frame: 300118: [p1,"",0.857814,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 300119: [p1,"",1.17399,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]" <--- a new frame started: the output above start twice but now with a different damage?!
"Frame: 300119: [p1,"head",0.0406294,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 300119: [p1,"body",0.589541,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
"Frame: 300119: [p1,"hands",0.164116,Shooter,"B_65x39_Caseless"]"
??? <--- again nothing...

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The NULL-object issue has also been reported here:

Dupe of #13648.