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Cannot import .FBX into Oxygen 2
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As the FBX format is used extensively through game development and Arma 3 it would be very beneficial for the community to leverage on the features present in the newer versions of 3ds Max and Maya to create greatly enhanced content and functionality.

Benefits include:

  • UV Mapping
  • Animation
  • Modelling workflow

FBX features and references:,topicNumber=d0e673


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  1. Attempt import of standard .fbx file from 3ds Max into Oxygen - not possible.

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We are investigating the possibilities, but I cannot promise anything until we have a solid tool to release. Thanks a lot for letting us know.

Also updated .OBJ import would be nice (which supports smoothing groups etc)

Would really like to see the FBX importer, even if not fully functional. Those that are capable will utilize whatever does work. Which is surely better than most things we have currently. (3DSM locally)

Ooo just saw the FBX importer in the tools available for testing (hidden as exporter..). All pro. Don't remove it please!

The issue has been addressed by our programmers, the only problem remaining is that you need to "Export" fbx from empty file in Oxygen to get to import screen. At least it works, we will try to solve the formal part.

Big thanks to the BIS team :D

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