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Please remove the "never fire" act. mi-48 in the last mission or take another idea to show the MI-48
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It is unreasonable and irrational that an attack chopper just unloads 4 men then flies around without fire. It is a very stupid design.
The idea is worse than the MI24 in the COD4 or MI-28 in the BF4.
Remove it or take it out by something or somebody!


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I also wondered whats the purpose of this. Even if its the FO for the artillery... there is no reason to waste that many shells for indirect fire when there is an attack helicopter watching you ... probably showing you the finger.

Jep, I was wondering about that too, no reason for them not to shoot down on the buggars with that 30mm.

I'd rather replace those Mi's with some transport chopper.

EDIT: I mean it's okay if they just rush over the survivors' heads since they might not have spotted them or have a different order, but if they land in front of them just to unload a couple soldiers, it seems quite hilarious.

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Even if it didn't fired upon us, i looted a RPG-42 just to bring it down with AT rockets.
This mission should be done like this, it's more exciting to kill an attack helicopter which prevents you to pass.

+1, strange... A lit bit the COD effect, but as theses heli are more powerfull, and that you are on the top of the hill, it gets bad...

ceeeb added a comment.Nov 5 2013, 5:43 AM

I also hit the MI-48 with a scavenged AT launcher, causing it to make a crash landing. The crew survived (possibly cargo also), but retained their never fire status even after leaving the chopper. My squadmates slaughtered them. It's quite implausible to see the enemy getting shot at point blank range without showing any evasive or defensive behaviour.

@ Fireball: The path-of-least-resistance solution would be to replace the Mi-48 Kajman with the PO-30 Orca, since that had an unarmed variant.

This should be fixed as of the latest dev branch update. He was getting stuck on a LOITER waypoint. He now unloads his cargo and continues in the direction of Charlie.

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