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[EXPLOIT] Lift trees in the air turn map objects
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The worst thing is the changes stay persistent on the client until the game is restarted. This means walking through walls, shooting people behind cover and removing vegetation on public MP servers.

works with attachTo as well see comments {F22458} {F22459}


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run this

player setPos [2464.74,5654.09,0.00151825];
player setDir 320;
_obj = [0,0,0] nearestObject 132295;
_obj setVectorUp [1,0,0];

log out log in in SP or MP, sandbags stay turned.

For a tree, find a tree and setdamage 1 to it, then set damage 0. It is stretched now. setdamage 1 again, it it is flat but above the ground. set damage 0 it is stretched. setdamage 1 flat even higher.

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player setPos [2464.74,5654.09,0.00151825];
player setDir 320;
_obj = [0,0,0] nearestObject 43712;
_obj setVectorUp [1,0,0];

after object id changes new id for the example is 43712 ^^^^

The exploit is still present.

You can also attach static objects to player and move them about. While this is actually pretty cool, the changes again stay persistent on the client until client is restarted.

Please provide alternative way of hiding static objects with class name. While hideObjectGlobal does indeed hide building this way, the building becomes an invisible obstacle for vehicles which is really undesirable.

Actually thinking about it, this should be lifted in urgency as this could turn in pretty severe hack. Haven't tried it but pretty sure I can just remove every building on the map on my client.

You can create a rope in between a car and map building and drag it out.

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