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Medic healing anim moves player medic from position that healing was started
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In multiplayer the player as medic moves position when healing, often moving in front of the player being healed getting in their line of fire.


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Need 2 players, 1 wounded, medic needs to approach wounded player from behind, use action menu to heal and medic will move from the back of player to the front.

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BL1P added a comment.Oct 6 2013, 9:57 AM

Seen this alot.
The medic goes into the animation and gets moved into a position on the injured player.

Fluit added a comment.Oct 6 2013, 10:13 AM

While the medic gets moved, he often takes damage from slamming into objects.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.May 7 2016, 5:04 PM

Yup. Healer gets moved into in front of the player. Likely not ideal when on the front lines. Thought this was fixed?

Likely reason why, so the player knows he's getting healed.

As a medic I have literally teleported through walls while treating casualties on one side of it to my death. I understand if the animation for treating a lying casualty requires an orientation to look right, but the actors should rotate according to their relative position in the world, not do a lateral transformation.

Hello guys,

could you please upload and provide a link to a short video displaying the situation? It would help us a lot,

thank you very much.

FrankHH added a subscriber: FrankHH.May 7 2016, 5:04 PM

It's simple, when you heal others you instantly teleport close to them (even if you are close enough already), without at least a smooth transition.

Last I recalled, the medic automatically moved in front of the patient's face, or in front his/her gun. I'm not sure after the latest patch of any changes.

@Iceman. This is pretty simple.

  1. Place default rifleman unit for player with FAK
  2. Place civilian unit
  3. Preview
  4. Move behind civilian unit
  5. Take out your pistol
  6. Shoot civilian in the leg
  7. When you see heal sign press default action key (spacebar)

Not that you are now teleported in front of civilian unit, the civilian is now healed but no healing animation has been played on your player at all.

Thank you for the repro, it is clear now for me where the problem is. :)

ceeeb added a comment.Apr 18 2014, 1:07 AM

Related to #17931
(the healing unit repeatedly "snapping" to the healed unit is what causes them to get stuck together)

BL1P added a comment.Apr 26 2014, 11:09 AM

Here is a video on a dedicated server just doing tests for the video

Exactly. It's as if the Medic is smoking dope, and getting paranoid thinking somebody might think he's gay. Then further irrationally resolving that standing in front of a patient with a gun is safer, then behind the patient.

To further mention, some of those Army guys nowadays don't mind that way of thinking! ;-) (Don't worry devs, it's OK to be homophobic. ie. Star Trek Wikipedia)

Doesn't the mechanic also use the same animation for repairing vehicles? Doesn't this seem as if when the animation takes over, then the medic goes to the front of the person. As if the medic animation is trying to automatically recenter the Medic around the object of attention?

Flipped added a subscriber: Flipped.May 7 2016, 5:04 PM

Now on version 1.26 and still not fixed.

BL1P added a comment.Aug 28 2014, 12:33 PM

Such a pain this bug Please fix Mr BIS.

Seems much better since update 1.32. Occasionally will glitch healer through a wall if healing next to a building or object but it is rare.

Fluit added a comment.Apr 20 2015, 2:39 PM

I reckon this ticket can be closed since it was resolved a few updates ago?

Ditto. I haven't seen this bug for awhile either.

Would be humorous if this bug were still active, similar to some other annoyingly active bugs! Or if this bug were to regress within the next update, just after closing!