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RPT spam Server: Network message 25ee6cl is pending
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250 times a second in server RPT.

The message number changes, obviously, but at the moment, my server is spending most of its time writing to the hard disk instead or having AI run around the map.


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sorry for closing by mistake. Would it be possible to provide as much info as possible regarding these spams?

Thank you.

I *THINK* it's to do with a client crashing or disconnecting ungracefully.

Funnily enough, I hadn't seen this error much until yesterday - the very day you closed it. Then I get it twice soon after!

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the RPT message spam is mitigated by upcoming feature for logging
the download is hidden in spoiler, test PERF3 server build

the issue causing messages pending itself it more complicated

it can be caused by server trying to send too many messages in single frame to way too many clients at once etc.
this is linked to performance of server, server settings, type of mission, NIC and driver settings, OS TCPIP settings etc.

issue is being tracked and investigated on the profiling branch ...

Thanks David. You've understood that there's two problems here. Firstly that RPT spam itself can cripple a server and secondly this specific error. Nice job, mate.

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