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Very low sounds
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The sound is very low, all sounds. (except if the sound is within 5 meters).

Vehicle sounds are terrible, A helicopter can only be heard from about 200m.
Scuba showcase patrolling heli as an example

I have been into the config files to turn it up to 10, can I set it higher?


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Just play

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Please, if you vote down please say why, if your sound is ok then say so.

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Please state your sound/audio hardware chip or card, including version of drivers being used.

State also if you use the Windows' taskbar volume control to adjust volumes, or if you use your audio/sound card manufacturer's software for adjusting mixing controls.

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My sound card is not the problem or my volume levels. Its the in game volume level. Overall volume.

I've never heard of such a bug with ARMA 3.

There are many different output methods for sound from the computer motherboard. You likely need to disclose your setup, including your sound chip or sound card maker and model number. Also state how your speakers are connected.

Rogerx. Its not a bug. I don't need to disclose my setup. You think everyone is an idiot except yourself. What I am saying is the sound is low overall. If setting 10 could be made twice as loud OVERALL then I could put it to 5 to get the same volume or to 10 to make it twice as loud. Maybe you have a billion watt speaker set-up, most don't.

I didn't call you an idiot. (You're perception is skewed.)

The computer outputs digital sound, and does not amplify sound as amplification occurs during sound rendering or digitization. Your sound card has the amplifier for amplifying sound if you require it.

Or if using S/PDIF, my setup uses S/PDIF Toslink connected to a 100 watt per channel 7.1 Yamaha RX-V375 receiver. So I'm passing the game's software rendered five channel audio (ie. AC3/Dolby stream) through Toslink for the receiver to amplify. It's commonly known five channel audio is sometimes softer in amplification when compared to mono or stereo streams.

If you're setup is for stereo speakers, I think the Windows' mixer down-mixes the five channel audio into two channel audio. The sound may sound not as loud as other natively rendered mono or stereo sounds, similar to comparing AC3/Dolby streams on over-the-air TV broadcasts and playing back on Mono or Stereo speakers. (Also, something called matrixing or compression is used, but it's another name for down-mixing AC3/Dolby to Mono/Stereo. I really dislike this matrixing as it seems to cut the higher frequencies from the streams, making the audio sound muffled.)

As already mentioned concerning matrixing, manufacturer's sound card drivers and or manufacturer's software may also further down-mix streams, albeit even unknowingly of the user as the software and drivers are usually proprietary within Windows.

Sorry if your feelings are hurt. I'm a guy at heart and not much of a fan of hugging other guys. :-/

If anybody can confirm the game outputs native five channel audio, please do so.

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everyone calm down we are all friends because we play arma 3 and we are here to improve it! but rogerx I think arma 3 have some issue about sound volums, for example sound of an unsilenced weapon is too loud but with that volume, the sound of a car's engine is so low
thanks and sorry for my english

The reporter doesn't clarify. Sounds as if he's trying to state the overall volume from the game is low, especially since he states he has increased a volume setting to 10 within a main game configuration file within a text editor?

The majority has reported hearing game sounds, such as somebody reloading a magazine for their weapon, from further than a mile away.

Shrugs. We need clarification in order to be able to help.

I think its quite clear that the overall sound, for me ,is too low. I use headphones. No problem in others games with them, some I have to turn down. I don't think its a bug, I just think the AMP needs to go to 11.

Rogerx what is not clear about it. State this state ,You are a troll and I will ignore you from this moment forward.

He (JohnnieConcrete) is just a fat troll :)
"AMP needs to go to 11" is an old internet meme:
He should be banned.

Overall sound is definitely not to low...

Shrugs, I clearly tried to help. Think this bug needs to be closed, unless the reporter can be a little more informative, and little less argumentative or assumptive.

I also have headphones around here and believe I used them at one time with no issues. On the contrar, I also have a super duper ASUS XONAR STX sound card with a good preamplifier, which amplifies both headphones and microphone.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Dark.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM

@Dark . Its not an old internet meme its an old film called This is Spinal Tap
Oh and just to let you know I'm still ignoring that pompous twat Roger. Roger means to be fucked up the ass where I come from

That's pretty rude JohnnieConcrete. Like I said, suggest closing this bug.

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OP means that the falloff range of sounds is to high. I do agree with that (to certain extent), a jet that flies by you can't hear anymore if he is 300 meters away same for choppers, yet a rescureboat on the water with a tiny motor you can hear a kilometer away. In arma2 you could hear jets over a longer disatance.

Well that is true . Sounds and falloff aren't balanced enough but that's another matter.

+1 for the helis

I too think the original reporter was talking about Bug #584 "Bad positional audio makes it nearly impossible to estimate distance and direction by sound", as I reread he makes mention of anything greater than 5 meters.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 4:53 PM

Sounds have been overhauled, this is no longer relevant.