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Empty vehicle side is WEST supposed to be CIV!
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If I spawn empty M2A1 its side is CIV. If I get in the tank in a driver seat then exit, its side is WEST! If I get in the gunner seat and exit or if I get in driver seat switch to gunner seat and exit, tank's side is CIV again.

Expected: Empty vehicles should all be CIV


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Steps To Reproduce

create M2A1
Name it tank
In the debug console enter

hint str side tank;

Check the scenario in description

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Is that really what you should expect, though?
As soon as you get in the vehicle, you kinda "take possession" of it.
It makes sense that the AI then tries to destroy your asset, even if at some point you decide to bail out, or to park it.
I haven't tested but imagine that the threat (as calculated by the AI) reduces drastically when the vehicle's empty, making it the least priority target.

On the other hand, the lack of consistency between vehicles roles is troubling.

Upvoted anyway.

Edit: The Commander seat presents the same behaviour as the gunner seat. The cargo seats as as well.

Yeah I settle for consistency. If vehicle stays WEST after you have been inside - fine. But I would prefer it be CIV when empty.


I drive quad. Dump it 1km away from the enemy lines behind the hill. Carefully scan surrounding area for enemy. Find nobody. Travel away from it. Then patrol stumbles upon my quad and shoots it.

  1. It is stupid to shoot at empty quad for many reasons. Like: you can use it, it gives away your position, what if this is your general's quad which was stolen. Etc.
  1. How the hell do you know it is an enemy quad? There are quads all over the map and you don't shoot them. Only shoot ones I drove. I would understand blowing up enemy armor you stumble upon but civil cars...
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Also if there is an empty tank next to it that has never been used it's ignored.

If you teleport someone into it they magically know it's a threat and open fire.

To add. so if I get in driver and exit the side is stuck on WEST. If I make a CIV unit take driver place and exit after me, the side will switch to CIV and after that, the magic happens, I can get to the driver seat and exit as many times as I want, the tank will change to CIV every time it is empty like a clockwork. So definitely a bug.

A kart for example always changes to CIV on exit