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Arma 3 Vehicle Realisim - Transmission & Indicators
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To add further realism to operations, turning indicators and a manual transmission would greatly improve large-scale vehicle operations. It is evident that A3 already has a transmission system in place, and it seems wasted if we are unable to take advantage of it as players. A simple automatic sequential transmission would suffice, and it would allow for a much greater lever of speed and maneuverability control in many situations.

All Arma vehicles are also equipped with headlights, easily activated and deactivated, and thus I ask why Turning indicators are not yet implemented to assist convoy maneuvering, and even RP-ers.


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-Add manual control of transmission
--Up gear
--Down Gear

-Implement orange lights beside break lights on rear of vehicle
--Manual activation and deactivation on straightening of wheels

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I suggest you modify the title and description as there's already an issue on indicator lights

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Upvoted, but not for NATO because the NATO is the US in Arma 3, and everybody knows 'Muricans can't drive a stick.

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AD2001, I suggest it purely as an option for all vehicles, Perhaps a transmission(Auto,Sequential) option in the preferences menu. Thus it can be enabled or disabled as the player (Murrican) wishes

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I think there should be two versions of each vehicle in the editor - an automatic and a manual. I would love to see the manual vehicles, because that would mean that the vehicles could actually drive up hills!
Also, i know this isn't what arma's about, but I think it would sound a LOT cooler, especially for those people out there who are making racetracks. Imagine what you could do - smoke tyres, rev engines, etc.

So, I'll bump this thread because we NEED it!

An "Advanced Driving Model", simliar to the "Advanced Flight Model", could be added to the game.
See this request:

The features from this request could be included.

I see how BI is remember so important things like this ticket. LOOK AT VERSION AND DATE WHEN IT WAS CREATED, AND ITS STILL NEW!

Posts/Commets from Bohemia, about they read EVERy ticket seems not logic by me - this is still new.....

I'd love to see a manual transmission added too.

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