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Duping and other inventory bugs, 5 reproducible bugs in 1 ticket (now 7 bugs)
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This ticket is collection of fully reproducible inventory bugs. Each bug has own mission file and require either 1 or 3 players. {F22111} {F22112} {F22113} {F22114} {F22115} {F22116} {F22117} {F22118} {F22119} {F22120}


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Steps To Reproduce


  1. Start mission with 1 player
  2. Open crate inventory
  3. Drag uniform from crate into your backpack, observe that uniform is now in both crate and backpack. You can dupe as many uniforms as you want
  4. Drag vest from crate into your backpack, observe that it dupes exactly like uniforms
  5. Drag backpack from crate into your backpack, observe that it also dupes


  1. Start mission with 1 player
  2. Open inventory
  3. Drop uniform onto ground
  4. Drag uniform from ground onto your vest. Its important to drag it on vest icon, not contents space below the vest.
  5. Observe vest duplicating on ground. This can be repeated as many times as you would like. Vests also seem to share same contents.


  1. Start mission with 1 player
  2. Open crate inventory
  3. Try to drag GM6 Lynx into your backpack and notice that you can't (both because you can't store such weapons there and because there is not enough space)
  4. Drag PDW2000 into backpack
  5. Take GM6 Lynx in hands
  6. Drag PDW2000 from your backpack into your hands
  7. Now you have GM6 Lynx in backpack although you are not supposed to have it there and there is no space for it


  1. Start mission with 3 players
  2. Player 1 (Host) uses "Spawn crate" action from their action menu
  3. Player 2 (Client) uses "Spawn uniform" action from their action menu. Its important that crate is not local to player that spawns uniform with addItemCargoGlobal
  4. Player 2 (Client) opens crate and swaps his uniform with one in crate
  5. Player 2 (Client) should observe that there is 2 of his previous uniforms in crate now. Number 2 is related to number of players on the server. Having 10 players will dupe 9 uniforms and so on.

Additionally you can start dragging duped uniforms onto Ground, back into crate, wear them, this will also sometimes dupe uniforms, stack them into single item and unstack them into separate items.
This bug also works with vests and backpacks.


  1. Start mission with 3 players.
  2. Player 2 (Rifleman with backpack) kills Player 1 (Officer)
  3. Player 2 opens inventory of dead Player 1 (Officer)
  4. Player 2 drags Pistol off dead body into their backpack. This will add 2 Pistols into backpack. Number of pistol depends on number of players in game. Having 10 players will dupe 1 pistol into 9 pistols and so on.
  5. Player 2 drags Laser Designator into their backpack and it dupes exactly last Pistol in step 4. If player has goggles you can also dupe them like that. This also works with headgear and other linked items.
  6. Player 2 closes Player 1 (Officer) inventory and moves few meters away
  7. Player 2 drops their uniform and vest on ground away from dead Officer
  8. Player 2 opens inventory of dead Player 1 (Officer) again
  9. Player 2 takes uniform off dead body. Uniform should reappear on dead body again creating a duplicate inform weared both on Player 2 and dead Player 1. This bug also works with Vest and Backpack.


  1. Start mission with 2 players (Host & Client)
  2. Player 2 (Client) opens vehicle ammo crate and takes Katiba rifle
  3. Observe that rifle duped and now in Player 2 hands and in ammo crate

(You will need 2 players for this repro)

    • Situation 1 ---
  1. Player 2 (Client) has weapon with magazine compatible to this weapon in their inventory, but not loaded in the weapon
  2. Player 2 (Client) has to open left crate (AAF Vehicle ammo, white crate) and try to drag GM6 Lynx SOS into their primary weapon slot.
  3. Observe that Player 2 (Client) is unable to take GM6 Lynx directly into their primary weapon slot
    • Situaion 2 ---
  1. Player 2 (Client) has weapon with magazine compatible to this weapon in their inventory, but not loaded in the weapon
  2. Player 2 (Client) has to load magazine into the weapon and then unload it back into inventory
  3. Player 2 (Client) has to open right crate (NATO Vehicle ammo, green crate) and drag GM6 Lynx into their primary weapon slot.
  4. Observe that weapon from your hands is not in the crate and disappeared while ammo is in the crate and Lynx in your hands.

Same bug can be achieved without reload and unload on step 1 but you will have to repeat weapon swap twice. Katiba will disappear on second swap. Apparently bug doesn't happen with newly spawned empty weapon.

The only difference between crates is that left crate has weapon with attachments and doesn't let you swap weapons while right crate has weapon with no attachments and causes swapped weapon to disappear if swapped weapon is unloaded and has compatible magazine during swap.

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thanks for great reports. situations 1 and 2 have been covered since DEV ver 110304. Going to deal with the rest of them :-)

SaMatra added a subscriber: SaMatra.May 7 2016, 4:44 PM

Thanks a lot! Looking forward to see all inventory bugs and dupes gone so we can finally have fair games in loot-oriented missions.

DEV. 11076

itemsdupe_repro - FIXED. Will be distributed soon. Please give me a feedback

I'm going to check bodydupe_repro.Altis

Thank you, japapatramtara! Should I add that weapon dupe that I mentioned in #7824 into this ticket or you already noted it?

yes.. please add that ticket to this thread. Let's keep all dupes problems under one roof :-)

about bodydupe_repro.Altis.. I really can repro it so will try to fix it. But not today, I'm going to go kayaking right now. bye folks

New repro for another inventory bug added: weapondupe_repro.Altis


DEV 110821
[FIXED] bodydupe_repro.Altis
[FIXED] weapondupe_repro.Altis

but new steam DEV build will be available on monday. My patch has affected more than 10 methods so take my apologies when the new MP gear bugs will appear ;-)

miss-shot, but you were so close. Kayak, paddle, equipment, even the voice behind the camera was mine, but that mighty kayaker is my friend Rehan - not me :-) He was on a white water for the first time so it was so funny to see him, but he made it. But if you are truly interested in.. so here is a picture of the weir on the our home river called Svratka near BI office ;-) [] and yes.. that's me

Thanks a lot, japapatramtara! Inventory will go through intensive testing as soon as fixes will be in stable release. We will make sure to report if any more problems will arise.

(Can inventory-related #4644 and #5414 tickets get some attention please?)

Samatra: yep.. mentioned tasks seem to be useful and worth to implement them, so I have just listed them on my TODO list

Thank you again, japapatramtara, we really looking forward to have full spectrum of inventory scripting commands.

Bravo17 added a subscriber: Bravo17.May 7 2016, 4:44 PM

Added test_weapons.stratis

Not sure if it the same bug as number 6, but just in case it isn't.

If the weapon is dragged from the vehicle to the inventory slot then it appears that the weapon stays in the vehicle, and is also taken by the player. But the weapon in the vehicle is a 'ghost' and cannot be taken.

If it is dragged to the Backback then all works as expected.

so I've tried to catch all described situations, so please can someone give me a feedback which was really fixed and which is still actual?

Thanks, japapatramtara, bugs №1-5 are fixed in last dev patch.

Bug №6 (weapondupe_repro.Altis) still works and lets you dupe weapons.

We also discovered another bug that makes weapons disappear and prevents you from swapping weapons from non-local containers. I added bug №7 (crateinventorybugs_repro.Altis) into the ticket with two situations.

about weapondupe_repro.Altis - are you really sure, that it have not been fixed? Because I'm unable to reproduce that situation in current DEV?


situation 1 - unable to reproduce

situation 2 - confirmed --> currently work in process

NOTE: for future bugs, please try to make repros on a Stratis island, I'm using internal debug version which is about 10x slower than your Steam DEV exe and loading Altis takes 10min approx :-)

about weapondupe_repro.Altis - are you really sure, that it have not been fixed? Because I'm unable to reproduce that situation in current DEV?

Yes, we just tried again and it definitely works

NOTE: for future bugs, please try to make repros on a Stratis island, I'm using internal debug version which is about 10x slower than your Steam DEV exe and loading Altis takes 10min approx :-)

Will do, also uploaded Stratis versions of bugs 6 and 7.

Videos for bug №6 and №7 situation 1 are coming soon.

For some reason we are unable to reproduce Bug №7 situation 1 ourselves now and it functions exactly like situation 2. We definitely had both situations working yesterday and tested it several times in different environments before uploading. Either way both situations are probably caused by same bug and both should be resolved as you fix situation 2.

Weapondupe - repro confirmed. Seems to be a problem with magazines over MP. In fact this is a problem on which I'm currently working for more than a week :-/ do not worry, will be fixed(rather soon than later)

DEV. 111358

No.5 - weapondupe_repro.Altis ===> SHOULD BE FIXED

Thanks a lot for the fix, japapatramtara! We eagerly wait for patch to hit public release so we can finally have dupe-free game!

test_weapons.stratis is not fixed in the dev branch.

NOTE: All seems to work OK in the editor, you seem to need to run the dedicated server for it to mess up.

I believe that makes it total 8 bugs, not 7 as in the title.

It is same bug as weapondupe_repro.Altis

But according to the post by japapatramtara on 17 Oct weapondupe_repro.Altis is fixed, but test_weapons.stratis still seems not to be, unless the fix hadn't made it to the DEV version yet yesterday?

Each time I posted "FIXED in DEV. numXXX" it would take at least one day until patch will be applied into your Steam dev version, so my yesterday changes has been released today at 11a.m.(you have to match version info) so please let Steam to update your Arma and try it again(WeaponsDupe)

Yes, it seeems to be fixed in today's dev release, sorry for the confusion.

On a different matter we really need a better way to switch between dev and main, it takes me 40 + minutes each time to download the differences.

DEV. 111427
[FIXED] crateinventorybugs_repro.Altis - but I have to say that recent patch took me for over three days and could affect some another MP behavior, so We have to test it into the deep. Anyway will be released tomorrow into Steam DEV version

well can someone give me a feedback if createinventorybugs and weaponDupe have been really fixed?

Tested, everything is fixed. Thanks a lot, japapatramtara! We look forward to see these changes appear in stable patch.

ok.. so going to close this issue. When you will observe another duping or any other critical issue with a gear, please start a new thread and directly assign then to me(If you have proper rights) and/or write me an email with link to a new ticket

seems to be FIXED now.. will be distributed into stable branch within next stable release

Wow. That was one of the shortest, clearest, most well documented bug reports I have ever seen. It even included file attachments for testing! You should work for BIS.

Mass closing resolved issues not updated since November.