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20mm Cannon, Gatling Guns, DAGRs, ATGM, and GBUs on aircraft
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These weapons are too weak against enemy forces the 20mm cannon should be able to take out if not completely disable a BRT when shot with 80 rounds of 20mm cannon. Upon testing (ground test at 20 meters aways) the leathality of the 20mm cannon using the jet I unloaded all 300 rounds into a BRT to find that the only damgaged sustained to the BRT was the left track had been disabled. Also would like to note that the game indicates it is using High Explosive(HE) rounds, yet when firing the cannon at enemy foot soldiers though the rounds explode on impact they have no splash damage and even direct hits on foot soldiers do not always kill them. Same can be said about the cannon on the AH-99 Blackfoot and the Kajman they too use HE rounds yet require direct hits on foot soldiers to get a kill. The gatling guns use a smaller round so it is understandable that they would have no effect against armored tanks and apc, but they should easily take out foot soldiers and disable MRAPs, Ifrits, and light transport vehicles (i.e. HEMTT and Cargo trucks)with one to two accuracte passes. Upon testing the gatling gun on foot soldiers it took serveral (5-10 shots) direct shots on a target before it would kill him and should be lowered to 2-3 shots at most. Additionally DAGRs, ATGM (Skalpel), and GBUs also are too weak in regards to splash damage making indirect fire effectively useless.


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Simply go into the editor spawn an aircraft of your choosing and spawn some targets ( tanks, soldiers, light armored tranport) and perform the test yourself.

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20mm HE should not do much damage to APC or IFV. Have you tried to use AP?

It is true that 20mm HE doesn't have wide splash area and HE rockets seem to as well have small area of effect.

Especially if soldiers are crawling you need to get almost direct hits to kill them.

HE round idea is that it explode on impact and fragments, heat and shock wave causes damage. They are meant for soft targets only like unarmored cars and infantry.

Many APC has protection against 12.7mm AP rounds and 20mm AP round can penetrate APC but MBT (all expect rear armor) or even some IFV front armor is too thick for penetration (multiple shots to same position of IFV armor and it goes trough).

The aircraft only have HE rounds in the game and a 20mm round would penetrate the armor up to 2 inches thick the MRAPs and Ifrits should be disabled with ease and the BRT and APCs shouldn't be able to withstand more then a 40 rounds barrage of 20mm gun. I actually have witnessed (in my army career) 20mm impacting on soft targets (personnel) it rips the personnel apart and the projectiles from the rounds that impact the ground within a 5 meter radius of the personnel are incapacitated and targets up to 10 meters are severally injured. As for the vehicles, the rounds hit the target and devastate the target. You have to realize its not just a few 20mm rounds impacting on a target but anywhere from 10-100 round burst depending the pilot/co-pilots time holding down the trigger. The rounds are impacting the vehicles from the top down usually which is the weakest part of the armor besides the belly, so there is no reason you should not be able to kill a foot soldiers and immobilize the armor on a strafing run.

agree 100% with tyler,this needs to be more effective if not on armor at leat infrantry.a 20mm cannon would wreck the shit out of you if it hit anywhere near you

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Agreed, damage profiles need to be worked on.

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Yes it needs lots of balancing. But for gameplay reasons HE should not do much damage to APC, even when reality you can disable one with just 1-2 well aimed shots (AP going trough without problems etc).

I would accept that APC is disabled with a 4-5 shots, while every vehicle suffering instruments damages.

Of course the HE is very effective in reality, but for gameplay reasons I would as well lower the area of effect to 3-4 meters because game doesn't offer realistic cover in most places.

What comes to gatling guns and miniguns in game, they should have wider spread and more effective for killing, even 1-2 shots should be dangerous to even get close at you.

But for counter then more effective weapons, at least countering tools like flares should be lowered, as we are talking about 2030 era AA/ATGM weapons what should already have technology to avoid most countermeasure like flares.

If weapons damages would be boosted closer to realistic effect, would it make ARMA 3 out of the devs vision of simpler and fun but still deep infantry gaming?

Tyler can you please reformat your ticket description with paragraphs, so it's not a fugly "Wall of Text"[tm]?

And possibly provide information on the weapons types to back up the claims of what they should do?

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Over a year now and Infantery still survives a direct hit of a 20mm Round if they are lucky. Please fix this.

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I'm going to bump this up because I had a game with the Comanche the other day and a direct hit with its 20 mm cannon DOES NOT kill/incapacitate infantry...

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i tried to penetrate trucks like the hemtt and light armored vehicles like the hunter, with a 12.7mm of a tank commander,a 7.62mm of a tank gunner, and the 6.5mm gatling. result of all is the same: no damage. the only one i can do damage to are the offroad and other not armored cars.

i also tried the mk-30 of all factions. a little exception is the 12.7mm of the t-100 varsuk. you can do damage to the side section of a hunter. - that's all.

come on BIS are you serious? 12.7mm and i cannot penetrate a fxxxxxg truck, except for it's wheels?