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Thermal/ IR/ NV sights have switch view mode bound to 'F'.
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Description says it all, when I tap F to change firing modes, the IR on the TWS also changes to DTV, and vise versa.

This applies to all sights with different view modes.


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Grab a TWS from a special weapons crate.

Aim down the sights.

Try to change firing modes by tapping F and watch as the sight mode changes as well.

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EDIT: The TWS MG also has the same issue, however when tapping 'F' it also toggles the zoom as well as the IR/DTV.

ALSO if you use N to change the vision option to BHOT, WHOT, DTV subsequent taps of the F key will toggle between the last vision selection and the next one.

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Indeed reproducible.

It looks like each firing mode (single-auto) has its own separate vision mode setting. This is also true for NVS scope - all special & electronic scopes seem to be affected.

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I was about to create an issue about this.

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Yeah this is really weird. Noticed this when they added them :P still isn't fixed