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[Feature request] Option to disable "crosshairs snapping to objects" functionality
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Can we have full control of our aimming/crosshairs?

I'm talking about aiming "with crosshairs" (not in scope mode.)

If you try to aim at a moving target and there are objects around the targets vicinity like poles and stuff, the crosshairs move/snap to the object, many times this causes to miss the target because the aim snaps on a pole or something instead.


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i don't even know why this happens in muliplayer games to begin with, this is something that should only be available in recruit mode Single player

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i hope they will remove it or add an option to turn it off for MP games. If not I will have to play vehicle based tactically only

Marking as resolved, as this option should now be present in the latest dev branch.

Please test and confirm.

hafiz added a comment.Sep 20 2013, 9:17 PM

Just Tested this on the current DEV Build today. It's only partially resolved.

The option i used to test was: configure/game/general/adaptive croshairs: Disabled

Crosshairs still snap to ground. Example. I was trying to shoot an enemy laying on the ground in a road and my crosshairs went either above him or below him. he took over 200 rounds of saw because the crosshairs was snapping up and down on road.

Additional info:
Crosshairs might also snap to some "concrete objects" but its hard to tell if that's the culprit or the ground

I'm still hoping for complete control of crosshairs.

Yeah it is only partially complete. Please reopen.

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How is this even possible to "snap" your crosshair.
Please explain this to me as I never knew this was even an option

It was meant to show the player that his weapon might hit something different than your actual target. As you have no perception of the level of the barrel, as weapons clip through everything, you could hit a berm in front of you without knowing. The crosshair will "snap" to the berm if your point of aim and the point of impact are two different things.

If there was weapon collision, there would be no need for such crosshair (who needs crosshairs anyway?!) concept.

But hey, "This is WAR!"...not a military simulation.

I want to say thank you to the Dev's for listening and taking action on this issue.

Just tested and confirmed on both maps too. It's only partially resolved as a couple people stated above me.

Crosshairs still move against my will and onto what appears to be vertices on the ground. If you are looking way across a field and there is a hill in the distance then it looks like crosshairs might be snapping to other objects but it's hard to tell.

WHen complete. I think this option should be off by default and only available in Recruit single player mode

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Isn't the reason why the corsair "snaps" to a objective, to show where the weapon is actually pointing?

For instance if you lying on a rock, and the corsair "snaps" to the rock, it means u're going to hit the rock.
So even if it would be a static corsair, you would still hit the rock, even if the corsair ain't showing it.

the new setting to disable adaptive crosshairs is supposed to allow full control of crosshairs now but still snaps to ground.

this is the setting:
configure/game/general/adaptive crosshairs: Disabled

Looks like we were too impatient or we've already been heard; from todays dev branch changelog:

"Changed: Behavior of adaptive cursor disabling to disable also offsetting according to ground"

Mass-closing resolved issues not updated in 10 days.