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M2A1 Slammer projectiles accelerating to infinity
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First of all, I apologize if I entered the wrong category but I was unable to find out "Ballistic".

I was chilling out and enjoying the new Dev Build update and its wonderful tanks. Suddenly i've found out a weird bug with the M2A1 Heat projectiles : once fired, it goes straight and keep accelerating, rather than the contrary. I was using a bulletcam tool called Proving Ground to check its ballistic and speed.

Attention, I am using the 0.77109 Dev Build.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download and install a bulletcam tool such as Proving Ground. (
  2. Go to the editor.
  3. Add a M2A1 Slammer.
  4. Go to gunner, fire a Heat Projectile, and watch it.

Don't forget to turn the bulletcam on.

Additional Information

It goes from ~1700 as init. speed to 100 000 or more.

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My repro mission for the following issue can be used to test this as well.

toff81 added a comment.Sep 6 2013, 2:21 PM

On my side I noticed that the firepower is quite poor...
Unable to blow any kind of armour after few shots...
Is it on purpose or a bug ?

Only choper blowed but just with HE rounds...

Should be fixed with next update.

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