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Windmills on Altis are not affected by direction and strength of wind
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On Altis all windmills are aligned to north. They are not affected by the direction of wind. In reality, windmills are automaticly aligned to the direction, where the wind is coming from.

The windmills are also not affected by the strength of the wind. If you set up the strength of the wind to 0, the windmills still spin. There is no change of spinning speed, if you set up the strength of wind to 100. In reality the windmills won't spin, if there is no wind and will spin really fast, if there is pretty hard wind.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. open the editor and choose Altis
  2. place a player unit between the coordinates 076225 and 077224
  3. at the top corner, choose the intel field (sun and cloud symbol)
  4. choose the manual option at the wind settings field and set up "Strength" and "Gusts" to 0 (zero). Also change it to 0 at the forecast column.
  5. click on Preview and watch the windmills spinning
  6. back to the editor->intel and change all settings from step 4 to 100
  7. click on Preview and ...see, there is no changing of behavior
  8. back to the editor->intel and change the wind direction to 180 (from south or 270 (from west)
  9. click on Preview and you will see no changing of direction of the windmill alignment

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they also appear to be rotating unusually fast...
Wind turbines contain an automatic braking system to prevent them from spinning to destruction.

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There is also a ticket created by ProGamer:

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If you watch the wind turbines using accelerated time, they actually do yaw, but it only seems to be back and forth across a fixed 90 degree arc (similar to a floor stand cooling fan).

Real wind turbines have an ideal operating RPM, and will alter the pitch of their blades and even use mechanical brakes to maintain constant RPM over most wind speeds. In my experience, it's also very rare that they stop, even apparently still days have enough wind to keep them going.

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Real ones have a feather feature when winds are excessive.

Koala added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 9:50 AM

Still present in the latest release 1.00.109911

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Still present in the latest version 1.18

Windmill Simulator 2014?

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Maybe, but little things like that enhance the realism. Clouds, smoke, dust, trees and grass are affected by the wind (maybe ballistics in the future) ...except the windmills.

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Besides that, they are completely silent.