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make weapon maximum elevation and depression up to +90°/-90° angle
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Currently it's impossible to aim at 90° (vertically) in elevation and in depression. it provocate dead angle when trying to engage targets located above or below the player position.

for example if you try to engage an helicopter auto hoovering just above you, you can't, because ingame the elevation and depression angle are limited to +60°/-60°.

In real life there is no such limitation. you are able to fire with any angle.

the stances positions that should allow +/-90° aiming angle are :

standing up
sitting down.

the current prone position doesn't allow positive shooting at more than 45°. but if BIS could add the posibility to turn on the back while being prone we could engage target located above us. {F21555} {F21556}


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+1 but depend on the stance, when stand-up OK but more limited when crouch or prone.

i added a screenshot with angle measure example.

positions that should allow 90° angle shooting are :

  • standing up,
  • crouching,
  • sitting down.

Ok but you should update your ticket with the different stances, like stand-up 90deg. , crouch maybe 75deg, and prone maybe 45deg max. It's just examples but need a realistic limitation depending on different stances.

shooting with 90° angle while crouching is perfectly possible.

just test it yourself for real. put one knee on the ground, take something similar to a weapon (fake or not) and aim at 90°.

ACE 2 Mod already has this implemented for arma 2, and it's very usefull. the main interest is to have a full aiming angle capability.

You're true, but for prone with a positive aiming...

90° aiming could also be possible when prone, but the player would need to be able to turn on his back.

Yes, but I'm talking about positive elevation when prone.

Unless you're on the back...

yes, I edited my previous comment.

Maybe it's can be good to make a ticket for a feature : prone on the back. It's related to your ticket.

I remember a picture of a person for the motion capture on the back. My idea for the control is to use A ( Q ) and E combined to switch on the back when prone.

In the end, cyrilator is right. Try to run upstairs a house and be not able to aim high enough to shoot anyone sitting on the upper level. It is impossible to clear a house without aiming higher than 55° - 60°. Everyone sitting upstairs is in the better position right now. Is it so hard to change this??? It must be possible in the next updates!??

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Often there are provisions, outside a possible shot.
This situation limits, perhaps 1 chance, on success of use of weapons. As on this video. To take restriction in a distance in the lock the plane is crossed with restriction of a viewing angle and loss of the lock for the purposes at the shortest distance. If the plane to lift 1500 meters, it begins to work even worse.
In position of a body lying, the head without problems looks forward, the corner between an axis of the head and a back isn't clamped in a neck. When or standing on a knee in all growth, the neck clamps a head look corner up.

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At 1.67.140125 - the problem remains.

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Ticket 2013th years does not lose relevance. Why not comment on this issue?

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The launch Titan AA has a small angle. You can not shoot at the target, when the target is as close to you as possible.

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