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The corner of a look and well-aimed shot is limited.
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Often there are provisions, outside a possible shot.
This situation limits, perhaps 1 chance, on success of use of weapons. As on this video. To take restriction in a distance in the lock the plane is crossed with restriction of a viewing angle and loss of the lock for the purposes at the shortest distance. If the plane to lift 1500 meters, it begins to work even worse.
In position of a body lying, the head without problems looks forward, the corner between an axis of the head and a back isn't clamped in a neck. When or standing on a knee in all growth, the neck clamps a head look corner up.


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Windows 10 x64
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AI Aiming / Shooting

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I created a ticket on this from the first video, but I lost my account with the feedback number.

This is very annoying in the game, not being able to look above your head.

In ArmA 2 it is possible to look up, but in ArmA 3 it does not.

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Limiting the ability to shoot in such a situation - funny and sad

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