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Some weapons cannot be added to units in editor
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Some weapons cannot be added to units using the "addweapon" command

So far, the only weapons that still seem to work are the Katiba series, Zafir, ACP, Rook, RPG42, SDAR, Scorpion and the Vermin.
Every other weapons could not be added.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Go to the editor

Put down any unit and type in
removeallweapons this; this addweapon "(insert weapon classname here)";

Preview the mission to see that the weapon is not there.

Additional Information

Due to this bug, you will start the Night Showcase unarmed
Oh fun! :p

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Insufficient reproduction steps.

They are called "Steps To Reproduce", not "Steps to give an idea how to reproduce".

It's not just in the editor that this command is broken. It's busted throughout the game.

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Should be fixed with Virtual Arsenal and 3DEN.

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Resolved with Eden Editor.

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