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UGV Stompers headlights turn back on after operator releases controls
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UGV stompers lights turn on after being turned off by the operator and operator release controls back to AI, not very good for stealth at night.


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Take control of UAV UGV Stomper.

Turn off headlights.

Release controls.

Additional Information

This is actually the same as with AI crewmen, when you dismount a vehicle, of which you've turned the lights off as effectiveCommander. They lose the effectiveCommander (resume command of vehicle themselves) and turn on the lights again instantly.

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Can confirm this.

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Den upvote mah brava.

We already have one, via the context menu or pressing L by default.

Since it's upon releasing controls, there is not much a key binding can do.

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UGV stompers don't currently allow you to turn lights off at night, they instantly turn them back on

Added additional info.

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ceeeb added a comment.Jun 22 2014, 4:55 AM

It seems that the autonomous drone stays in careless or aware mode, as it will also follow roads whenever possible when moving between waypoints. Am I missing something, or is there really no way to set the behaviour mode of autonomous vehicles?

You can set this by new "allow lights" check box in UAV Terminal and prevent UGV from using the headlights. Marking as resolved.

Nice job guys, thanks !

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