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MP Vehicle Respawn Module design mistake
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The following video show the problem with this modul:

This is not a unique-special-one time-situation but a standard case. Two or more vehicles stand close together in a hangar or where ever. A player enter a vehicle and leave it again. Then the car blows up in the base nearby the other vehicles...

The problems are:

  • a respawn is useless in that case (car wasn't move over a longer distance, 100m maybee ok)
  • the new car are created to fast and get damage from the old one
  • the position of the new car is not the home position (the car begin to travel)


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Steps To Reproduce
  • place the called modul on map
  • sync it with two a vehicle
  • get in and get out
  • wait for respawn

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Two things:

  • Can you check on latest development build (you specified stable build in the ticket)?
  • *removed, should read the entire ticket before commenting*

Sorry, i won't use the dev version. Anyone else who can test it in the dev build?

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PiLO added a comment.Aug 14 2013, 5:49 PM

I tried to reproduce the scenario in the latest dev build (0.77.108982) but for me the car just gets replaced by a new one on a slightly different position. No explosion. When the newly spawned car interferes with a another car the other car gets respawned too.

I only created a single NATO Rifleman, 3 empty Offroad [Civilian] and the module. I changed Delay to 10 and Deserted Delay to 15 like seen in your video. Everything else is default. Maybe i missed something? Cause of the low resolution of your video i could only guess some settings.

Hi, this are the settings of my test:

Delay: 10
deserted Delay: 15
Wreck: delete with an explosion effect

All other settings is default.
Thx for testing it!

PiLO added a comment.Aug 14 2013, 6:04 PM

Mmh, "Delete with an explosion effect" is the default setting and it was activated during my test but still no explosion. I only mounted the car and dismounted it without driving or doing anything else. Seems this behaviour got fixed at least in the latest dev patch.

Maybe some other setting caused this behaviour? Looks like you put some other things on the map too besides the mentioned entities. Did you also test this with only your mentioned entities?

No, the problem is not the explosion self. And it's also not a fix if you didn't had an explosion after you set it up but the car make a respawn.

This is only an other bug you had found in the dev build. ;-)

PiLO added a comment.Aug 14 2013, 6:23 PM

Now I see the problem. Ok, so the problem still exists in the latest dev patch. I should read the whole description first :-)

So as far as i understand, the car should respawn at the exact same positon and not some random meters away? And there should be no respawn if somebody mounts the car and leaves it without the car being damaged?

And if you cant produce a explosion by respawn in the dev build it's another bug especially in this version.

@Fireball, i think thats enough feedback. :-)

Problem still present in actual dev-build.

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Closing in favor of the assigned ticket.