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createVehicleCrew creates crew members on CIV side
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The command creates crew that visually correspond to side vehicle belong to however each member of the crew belong to CIV side.


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If I create OPFOR vehicle and populate it with crew using createVehicleCrew command, crew will be non aggressive to me as they all will be civilians, though dressed like OPFOR and carrying OPFOR weapons.

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They also don't know how to shoot and just fire randomly at the target.

With the lack of any documentation would be nice if developer confirmed this one way or another.

This an stupid bug!
It is essential to define a side. Also a return value is needed to get all crew members in an array. (f.e. to delete them later...)

Command are useless atm...

Yeah return value would be nice though you can check crew you created with crew command

Confirmed by Xeno. Can you please make a different ticket (unless it exists already) for

"Also when you create crew of MK6 mortar, 2 soldiers created, one on the mortar and one on top of the first soldier's head LOL. Is this intended too?"


I've tested this command more and fair enough it only creates crew for empty vehicle and empty vehicle is always CIV so to make it functional you need to

(crew yourvehicle) join (createSide whateverside) after createVehicleCrew command


Even after proper join it creates very confused crew. If you are west and you join them to east side they will shoot you from vehicle but if disembarked they get confused and either run away or stare at you or shoot few bullets and give up. Very very odd behaviour.

That's a very odd way to resolve an issue, no comment, just resolved? I don't feel like this issue has been resolved. Has it been fixed in recent dev? If so why not say so? Or maybe developer thinks nothing is wrong with this command, then again why not say so?

Works fine for me on dev branch.

Try to read man... Fixed in Version:

What do you want more? Yes it's fixed.

No need for rudeness. It is just that when developer resolves an issue he usually posts a comment as well. You must be new.

Ok, then i'am sorry for that. But really, there isn't much to say. It is already done and you will have this fix as soon as possible ;-)

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.